Monday, August 31, 2015

Mondays are not for weaklings!

Language Warning!

10 Insane Talk Show Appearances

 ~ I can’t believe Donald Trump personally attacked Megan Kelly with Fox News. Why would any serious presidential candidate alienate a news anchor for doing their job? He not only alienates her, but probably anyone who questions his motives or actions. Nobody likes a bully!

I have no faith in Mr. Trump’s ability to control his behavior, since he is unable to control his dialogue. There’s no telling what he would say to world leaders if they disagreed with him or made him mad. This is the dialogue of an ego maniac.

More arbitrary rambling...

 ~ If illegal aliens commit crimes in America for the sole reason to stay here, even in prison, one might consider that our immigration policy and its enforcement are not working. Sanctuary cities who choose to harbor illegals are enabling criminal behavior.

 ~ Let's say the only way you could feed your family was to join the ranks of ISIS or Hamas, would you do it? What if they threatened to kill your family, would you comply?

 ~ Lastly, if you think Islam is a religion of peace, you haven’t researched its leadership and movement. When leaders are asked if they condemn martyrdom or jihad, you will seldom get a straight answer.  As a matter of fact, expect to become the target of character assassination. 

If all you do is believe what is said, you do not have full knowledge of any subject. Actions speak louder than words, and their leadership chooses their words very carefully.

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