Thursday, July 9, 2015

Tarrant DA has exposed
the latest public offender

Now they're helping us track it

It looks like the Tarrant County DA's office wants to keep us informed about the local West Nile virus situation.  They must be unhappy with local news coverage on the subject, since the news cycle seems to favor promotion of Oreos, Southwest Airlines and other businesses.

Maybe Good Morning Texas could do an interview with the DA for more information as to this violator of public health since its such a major concern. 

They could even do a followup and get the Tarrant County forensic team involved in since crime, punishment and office policy has been under scrutiny as of late. I'm hoping the Deity's sources will uncover a plot to takeover the local CDC and gain federal funding.

Tracking West Nile in Tarrant County via Twitter has never been more entertaining.

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