Thursday, July 9, 2015

Life, liberty and the pursuit of

Thank God for rainbows...

 ~ Quote of the month: “I believe Jesus would approve gay marriage” Jimmy Carter. But he wasn’t so sure about abortion. Based on his perception, it seems American pop culture has influenced God to change his mind.

 ~ The question no one seems to be asking any more is ‘who is funding terrorist groups’ like ISIS, Al Qaeda, and Hezbollah. I am not so naïve as to believe our government doesn’t know, based on their ability to access bank accounts all over the world. With the vast amounts of money they procure, it shouldn’t be all that difficult.

What governments or entities have the most to gain from their existence? Iran? The Industrial Military Complex?

Why are they not blowing up oil fields? Is their revenue partly based on oil production? If I wanted to take over a country, the first thing I would do is reduce its income.

 ~ Am I alone in thinking “diversity” was not intended to be an increase of black participation only? I thought it was supposed to include all races and genders. It looks like I am sadly mistaken. I thought the best and brightest were given precedent, but one need look no further than the leadership in the federal government, where incompetence runs rampant.

Will democracy be replaced by dictated diversity? The US housing department may force diversity in your neighborhood, thanks, in part, to funding new housing projects. I say start with the 90210 area and work from there. That should change property values somewhat.

Next on the PC agenda will be the diversity issue on elected officials.  I read where 95% of elected prosecutors are white. They may want to let minorities vote twice, or more, since they've already registered everyone in the cemeteries.

 ~ Based on the candidates for President, the future of America doesn’t look too bright. Both parties will eventually endorse the candidate that has the ability to raise $1 billion dollars for his/her campaign. That’s what it takes to be POTUS today, and it will come down to who’s the best at pandering.

 ~ It looks like it's time to buy energy stock, specifically oil and gas companies. I happen to be an opportunistic investor, especially with companies whose revenue trend like a roller coaster.  Also, government backed stocks like Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac are a buy when under $2.

 ~ Spam came through my email today with about 20 links to an apparel brand called “True Religion”. I went to their website and was not impressed. I have never been a fan of religion, although I subscribe to the Christian faith and its teachings. Religion is no substitute for relationship and it's become a big business.

I have no problem with someone defending their religion, unless they demonstrate hate, intolerance, bitterness or resentment. Do Christians want to be part of that?

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Anonymous said...

Jimmy Carter, a/k/a the first coming of Barack Obama. Apparently he has a new book out. What more can he possibly do to show what a dullard he is?