Thursday, July 30, 2015

Southern landscape could be changing...

Statue of the demon Baphomet

 ~ A Satanic Temple in Detroit unveiled an 8 foot statue of the demon Baphomet they want placed  next to the statue of the 10 Commandments at the Oklahoma statehouse. How many days would the statue go without vandalism before those Okies got out their picks and sledgehammers? My over and under would be 10 days.

The Temple must be pretty well funded since the statue cost $100,000. These aren't atheists, which makes me wonder how their worship is performed...

 ~ What do you consider “vile”? Murder? Rape? Incest? Slavery? The definition seems to be changing with popular culture and conditioning.

 ~ According to the University of New Hampshire, the word "American" could be offensive. Yep, the world is sure changing…

 ~ So how do you get a Republican controlled Congress to give the President the power to negotiate treaties with foreign countries? This article states it took $200 million to get them to sell their vote on the Trade Promotion Authority (TPA) and Wall Street provided most of the funding.

 ~ I am convinced that the Executive branch of our Federal government will use the IRS, NSA and EPA to selectively take control of private resources and freedoms. Emails were recently made public where the IRS targeted Tea Party non-profits to “buy time” and slow down their complaints to Congress. Water rights are now targeted by EPA.

These very powerful bureaucracies, controlled by the executive branch of our government, will change freedom as we know it, in order to implement their “Sustainable America” agenda, aka Agenda 21. Although I am an environmentalist and conservationist, I don’t believe our government can effectively implement the solution when they can be paid off to overlook enforcement.

 ~ I can't help but wonder if the Boy Scouts will survive their new policy of accepting gay men in leadership positions? If they do, I anticipate sporadic lawsuits, much like the Catholics are experiencing with the past behavior of their priests.  


Tad Billmire said...

That information on the TPA is really depressing! How can we say our "system" is working and the best government system in the world when these boneheads votes are for sell to the highest bidder? It's sickening.

I was surprised by the BSA changing their tune on gay leaders. Especially when you look at all the many years they have fought for the right to ban them including fighting all the way to the supreme court and winning their decision. They have spent millions I'm sure. I haven't researched it, but I would bet they are caving to being blackmailed by corporate sponsors.

Anonymous said...

Regarding the BSA comment above by Tad Bilmire, it was the recent Supreme Court decision legalizing same-sex marriage that did it. It is the fear of legal consequences that is causing the domino effect. But just wait! The slide into depravity and corruption and tyranny has only just begun.