Monday, July 27, 2015

Nonsensical, I know...

Rolling joints on assembly line...

 ~ The most telling thing about the #BlackLivesMatter agenda is that it seems relevant only when a black person is killed by someone who is not black. This is the most apparent hypocrisy of the movement. The second is pronouncing #AllLivesMatter to be racist.

 ~ Most gunmen seem to go on a shooting spree where their victims are unarmed. Will it be necessary to carry a concealed weapon when we go to the movie theatre? It looks like it may come to that.

 ~ With humans rights at the forefront of the progressive movement, how does Qatar get to host the World Cup when an estimated 4,000 poorly treated immigrant workers will die building the stadium? Yea, I know, money always trumps human life.

 ~ The new era of charting and mapping has reached a new level with this one mapping the proliferation of STD’s across America. One should be cautious when freelancing.

 ~ Could Donald Trump be the Republican Party spoiler? If he’s unable to get the nomination and goes Independent, could make Hillary a shoe-in, similar to what Perot did when Bill was elected? Didn’t Trump support Hillary when she ran against Obama?

 ~ Jeb Bush is promising to curb lobbying and cut the size of government. This will not make him popular with federal employees or Congressional panderers.

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The Donald said...

Man, that's a lot of cooties! Doesn't really make me eager to hit the dating scene.