Tuesday, July 14, 2015

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May cause bad breath

 ~ Although the US and British government want the keys to encrypted code so they can monitor secure information, an elite group of security technologists have concluded it would put “the world’s most confidential data and critical infrastructure in danger”. How long do you think it took them to come to that conclusion? 

It looks to me like the greatest transparency in the U.S. government is access to confidential information they protect. With America importing a huge amount of foreigners in the workforce, including very smart IT workers, why would anyone believe this information is safe? 

Do you trust our government’s competence? If politicians were held to the same performance standards of private enterprise, they would be unemployable. 

It also looks like our greatest national security risk are the people living here, including our leadership. Greed makes people predictable, a demented belief system on the other hand can give rise to great evil, which we witness daily. Put them both together in government and tyranny is a byproduct. 

Our money is now created from thin air, or paper if you prefer. A piece of paper promising it’s worth something; moreover, our perception of what it’s worth. A promissory note backed by the integrity of our government, which is failing at an alarming rate. 

If you believe great wealth gives you security, you may want to brush up on your history. It never saved any advanced civilization from collapse. With the debt America has amassed, someone else holds the deed to this land, which may be the very reason for all the foreign trade agreements. 

I’m sure the ancient Romans, Mayans, Greeks and Egyptians felt safe with all their wealth, intellect, technology and culture, yet their Utopian societies self destructed. Their great civilizations were no match for the evil that consumed them. What makes America different?

If you think your bank account will save you from poverty, evil or injustice, all one needs to look at are the Jews during the Nazi revolution. After taking their wealth, they just became another mouth to feed.

~ Once upon a time, I believed if Americans didn’t like their leadership, we had the ability to change it through the voting process. Based on our political system today, as well as American indifference, I no longer believe we really have a true choice in our leadership. It looks like we continue to support the best panderers and vote our pocketbook based on their promises. I am not innocent. 

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Anonymous said...

Indeed. Our leaders are fools wallowing in self-deluded notions of grandeur. There are enough progressive followers propping up these idiots to continue the insanity, like lemmings headed towards a cliff.

My suggestion is to stop doing business with progressives. Don't go to church with them. Don't have them over for barbecue. Don't hand over your trust or your money to those who would take your freedom.

Plus, you are so right about money not saving us from the madness. Although, it can always be used as toilet paper.