Monday, July 13, 2015

Priorities are changing...
Get on board or else?

 ~ The President recently gave the commencement address at a Coast Guard graduation where he told them that protecting this country from climate change is a “serious threat” to national security and inferred it would be a dereliction of duty not to act upon it.  What a moral booster.

I guess lowering the priorities of the Coast Guard from drugs, WMDs, human trafficking and illegal immigration and bringing climate change to the top will make this country safer. I believe his message was to more than just these graduates, especially after laying off 30,000 in the Army. Sounds to me like a veiled threat, that if you don’t get on board his boat, expect your career in government service to run aground.

 ~ Liberal democrat leadership in sanctuary cities are having a hard time justifying their position on illegal immigration and will be out of a job soon if they don’t change their policy. They are placing the blame on Republicans and conservatives, who won’t allow them to increase funding to more flawed programs which do nothing but grow the bureaucracy. I expect Hillary to distance herself from her previous statements and preach a new revised message.

If leadership is truly concerned with government’s responsibility to “protect and serve”, our borders and immigration control should be at the top of their agenda. The laws are in place for a reason, and now we are beginning to see why they should be enforced. More gun control laws are not the answer. Just ask Chicago, who can’t enforce the laws already in place.

I predict that the FBI will begin monitoring social media when performing background checks for gun purchases. When public photos of Dylann Roof portray a wannabe extremist who can still buy a gun, it sure makes the agency look incompetent. And looks are everything.

 ~ I watched the documentary The Life and Mind of Mark DeFriest recently, after watching Camp X-Ray the night before. Now I understand why people would rather die than go back to prison. If you’re not mentally ill before going to prison, there’s a good probability that some of those places would change that.


The Donald said...

Denney, we're seeing what 'Progressive' really means. Now that the progs believe they have the upper hand, it will no longer satiate them to debate those who openly disagree with their agenda. Instead, they have begun attacking those who don't publicly profess the liberal mantra.

Just recently, the circus blogger referenced a newspaper that published a double truck ad with pictures of dozens of state officials who had not publicly condemned the Confederate battle flag. Not pictures of avowed racists, or necessarily even ardent supporters of the flag - simply people who hadn't enrolled in the groupthink mentality and pledged fealty to the latest liberal dogma.

Over the weekend we now see a brouhaha at Birdville ISD's Richland High School, now under fire for its Rebel mascot. Never mind that the battle flag is not the symbol, the Left will now not rest until every vestige of Southern heritage has been eradicated. Of course there was an obligatory Reverend of something or other pledging a boycott if the ISD doesn't change its mascot (doesn't a lot of rap music already promote the idea of boycotting education?).

Liberals have long presented themselves as representing the underdogs, pitted against a supposedly oppressive 'Establishment'. We're about to see the curtain pulled back to reveal that it's not 'understanding' and 'compassion' that the Left wants, but rather nothing short of full domination.

Anonymous said...

Where is the "dereliction of duty" part in Obama's speech? I can't seem to find that part, or are you just referring to your own interpretation?

Denney Crane said...

Third paragraph, second line in the article, "Anything less is a dereliction of duty. The same is true for climate change."

Denney Crane said...

You won't find that part of his speech reported in most MSM.

Anonymous said...

Hoo-yah! Gotcha! Fly that rebel flag high with pride!

Anonymous said...

Read the whole statement:

"You don’t sit back; you take steps to protect your ship," Obama said. "Anything less is a dereliction of duty. The same is true for climate change."

A sailor should do anything to protect their ship. To not do so would be a dereliction of duty. He just tacked on the global climate change stuff. That's nothing more than political posturing. You are smart enough to know that(I would like to think).

You seem to like to paint with a very broad brush.

Denney Crane said...


Sadly, the brush I use has become very narrow and inked with despair, based on previous words and actions by this President. He has taken this country to an unsafe place, inciting civil unrest and world-wide terror.

I wish I were able to support his agenda, but I cannot. Climate change has occurred since the earth was created, we cannot stop it, hence we should prepare for it. Our military is not stronger through his agenda, neither is our country.

Anonymous said...

What climate change? A little rain? Snow in the Rockies? Baloney. Obama and his rabble will get what they deserve.