Tuesday, July 7, 2015

Smile, you may be
under surveillance...

I am beginning to wonder about the future of surveillance in America and how it will affect us. Everyone from the government to corporations and even churches want to track our every move, but they have a problem when we monitor their actions. They monitor phone calls, emails, internet usage, highway traffic and public locations.

With facial recognition software becoming mainstream, there will be a database that can tell them where we have been and what we were doing. How do you think this information will be used? If our own government can’t protect their database of employee information, what makes us think this information is safe in the hands of any entity, especially if they choose to share or sell it?

Really, do you want your church checking on you because their database indicates you haven’t been there in 3 weeks? Do you want to be bombarded by companies wanting to sell you a car or furniture because you their database shows you were seen shopping for them?

If you take a road trip to Florida, will digital billboards be able to flash an ad directed specifically at you? Our highways have video surveillance, your license plate is visible, they know your buying preferences, how hard would it be?

It looks like a high-tech way to micromanage our lives. I believe the ultimate objective is not only to hack into our lives, but to figure out what we’re thinking. What would that information be worth to those who could profit from it? 

Who will determine your rights to privacy? I think you already know the answer...

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