Monday, July 6, 2015

Oh say can you see?

 ~ It looks like the rights of a parent end when their child walks out the front door of their home.

In Washington State, girls as early as 6th grade can have an IUD implanted without their parents knowledge, funded by a Medicaid program and a non-profit group known as Family Care. But don’t worry, they still can’t buy a Coke at their school.

 ~ Next on the agenda, polygamy and pedophilia, which will soon have protection under sexual orientation laws. Polygamy is Biblical, which will probably get an easy pass.  Pedophilia is considered a mental disorder by many, but a sexual orientation by others, coming to America with the help of our legislators.

Equal More rights for sexual deviants will become part of the change we were promised. I expect sex offender laws to change drastically, after lawyers and lobbyists extort millions to promote and defend both sides of the issue. Could we witness harems of 14 year olds in America? It's now a distinct possibility.

 ~ Since the President has pushed his Central American Minors Refugee/Parole Program , our border patrol caught almost 4,000 unaccompanied alien children in the month of May alone. These families must be pretty desperate to risk their children’s lives to come here.

 ~ What would you do if you worked for the federal government and found out they were breaking the law? Based on what has happened to the lives of whistleblowers over the last decade, I think I would have to find a golden parachute somewhere before going public. Would you hire a whistleblower to work for you?

 ~ This holiday weekend in Chicago, 40 people were shot and 7 of them fatally. That’s down from last year which was 82 shot, 16 fatally. It doesn’t look to me like their progressive gun control laws are working very well, but I don’t blame legislation for the violence. On the other hand, Chicago legislators have enabled criminals in numerous ways, starting in schools.

I predict that these cities will eventually become ghost towns, or at least a shadow of what they once were. I also believe that corporate giants will relocate south, to a more civil and safe environment. Corruption breeds contempt, which is why cities like Chicago are becoming hell holes.

High crime cities like Chicago, Washington D.C., Oakland and Detroit are footholds of America’s true enemies. A staging point for terrorism and martial law, perpetrated by those on the left pushing for the hope and change preached by this administration and its minions. The use of fear is a powerful political weapon.

 ~ Looks like the government in China will step in to rescue it's stock market from a major collapse, with margin calls looming on the horizon.  They're using our playbook to prop up the market, which is business as usual in government's relationship with business and the economy.

 ~ After rereading this post, a statement comes to mind that repeats like a broken record. "Chance favors the prepared."

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The Donald said...

Regarding the next-to-last bullet point, I'm going back and re-reading the first few chapters of Damon Vickers' The Day After the Dollar Crashes. He makes a good case for the coming financial meltdown, even if he blows it with his subsequent remedy prescription.