Monday, June 1, 2015

World peace!
Coming to a city near you
The promise of fundamental change

Here's the result of past US involvement...or lack thereof.
Can Israel defend themselves without assistance?

 ~ Just in case you didn't get the memo, the United Nations is criminalizing Israel's right to exercise self-defense. Looks like they should have bought their weapons from China and Russia since the US is no longer an ally.

And the most hilariously crazy ambition of the week, the UN is resolved to fight against the plundering of antiquities by ISIS.  They are unable to stop them from mass murder and other atrocities, what makes them think they can do anything about this?  Lip service, unless they can steal it first...

 ~ Have no fear, our liberal leadership is bringing the war to a community near you.  They want you screaming for protection and willing to give up your freedoms in return for their utopia, which they will be glad to spoon feed you after you get chipped.

You may consider me an alarmist, but when  acts of terrorism pop up in Dallas, Boston, Ferguson, Chicago and Baltimore, I just can't subscribe to the civil unrest theory.  Haters who murder, torture or destroy personal property are terrorists, not activists!

Please remember that the alternative to capitalism is socialism (or worse), and you can see the results in Venezuela in the photo below.  Liberals no longer hide the fact that they lean toward socialism.

 ~ Just so you know who's pushing raising the minimum wage in big cities, it's labor unions.  Does it surprise you that they want to be exempt from the law, allowing businesses to pay their union workers less than minimum wage?  They're already exempt in Oakland, San Francisco and Chicago.

So businesses in those cities just have to join the union to be exempt from paying employees minimum wage.  Do you see where this is going?  Isn't this the exact opposite of why labor unions were formed?  The fabric of society is starting to wear thin.

 ~ Even though Arizona State has doubled their tuition over the last decade, they were still able to come up with an extra $500,000 to donate to the Clinton Foundation so they could host one of their events. Academia is still in bed with politicians.

How much more effective will the Clinton Foundation become once its war-chest reaches $3 billion.  Obviously, $2 billion just isn't getting the job done.  They don't seem to be in a hurry to use the money to help the Haitians as advertised. 

This ad was on my Yahoo home page. With everything that's going on in the world today, will this be her campaign platform?  How about focusing on protecting all Americans, not just gay marriage.  I would pay good money to never have to see this ever again!  

 ~ Seems like the President is just becoming more and more misunderstood as several of his executive orders are being overturned by the courts. Even the artist who created his HOPE poster is unhappy with where he has led this country.  And, of course, he blames "ignorant and lazy" Americans.

 ~ I have little sympathy for Dennis Hastert for his involvement in paying off his former victim, but $1.7 million? Isn't extortion and blackmail a crime as well? Seasoned crooks are much better at hiding this sort of thing.

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