Tuesday, June 2, 2015

Who needs Congress when we have Barack Obama?

 ~ “President Obama’s administration last week claimed dominion over all of America’s streams, creeks, rills, ditches, brooks, rivulets, burns, tributaries, criks, wetlands — perhaps even puddles — in a sweeping move to assert unilateral federal authority.” Washington Times

If you control all the water, you control all life. Farmers are being demonized as well. Timing is perfect since it won't be in the forefront of the news, so few will protest this action. I expect multiple lawsuits and gazillions in attorneys fees.

 ~ “Obama’s Department of Justice is working on “more than a dozen” new gun control regulations it plans to begin implementing apart from Congress.” Breitbart

Is this not government takeover?  Chicago politics?  Executive orders or acts of a dictator?  This is just the beginning.  Take away enough of our rights and you can count more civil unrest, if not widespread revolt, which would provoke martial law.

 ~ "Eighty-five percent of every dollar donated to the Clinton Foundation ended up either with the Clintons or with their staff to pay for travel, salaries, and benefits. Fifteen cents of every dollar actually went to some charitable beneficiary." Rush Limbaugh

 ~  Whoops, Iraq lost 2,300 Humvees in Mozul to ISIS – over $500 million worth. Gateway Pundit

 ~ Did you know there have been almost 26,000 Islamic terrorist attacks since 9/11? The website Religion of Peace sure gives a different perspective on world-wide Islam and just how much violence the dark side of this religion is responsible for on a daily basis.

 ~ Growing up I remember being told how cruel nature could be. After reading how wasps turn cockroaches into zombies so they could be eaten alive, I have a whole new outlook on how certain food chains can be a real life horror story.

 ~ So now, in a field called personalized medicine, we are growing tiny cerebral cortexes in petri dishes. The article confers optimism about the future of humanity through this endeavor, but I have visions of human zombies and artificial intelligence robotic implementation.

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TommyBoy said...

After the rains, two ponds formed on one side of my property. Concerned about the resulting mosquitoes, I bought and dropped mosquito control tablets in both of them. I did the same for a newly formed pond in the neighbor's back yard. My question is, shouldn't the government subsidize me for water management? Can I charge my neighbor for managing his water collection (and subsequent mosquito breeding?)?

I will sell my gun control rights for a million dollars. Make that two million and I'll hire a bodyguard.

About Islam: fear not.