Sunday, June 7, 2015

Life Lesson # 1
Do not let mouth overload arse!

New Yorker harassing and then attacking Arizona truckers.

Is a race war coming?

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TommyBoy said...

I have previously viewed this particular video and got no satisfaction out of seeing the loud mouth black from New York get his clock cleaned. I felt sorry for him. Unfortunately, as I have recently said in my own blog, those who live by the sword will die by the sword. True dat, the New Yorker might say.

I don't know how close to a race war we are here in the US but I feel certain the ill will between races has been intentionally increased by Obama and his cohorts. For one thing, it's what the left does -- they want to divide society so that our institutions eventually fail from dysfunction. They are communist revolutionaries and elitists who see everything in terms of a flat social terrain. No exceptionalism, no competition, no differences, no bias, and certainly no choice.

America used to function properly and despite what the revolutionaries may say, it worked for everybody. The rules, however, have changed. They are ridiculous now and not based on logic -- they are based on false ideas of enforced equality that punishes white males and rewards practically everyone else.

So, there is that survival thing going on within white males who are aware of what is happening. Many -- perhaps even most -- simply surrender their values in exchange for job security. Some, like Barry Green, join the radical minority attitude, obstinately wearing those values like a white dress shirt to work every day but slipping into something more comfortable when they get home.

Many years ago, I arrived at the conclusion that the only way for the conservative forces to prevail was to forcefully take back the country and its institutions. A bloody purge. It is the same thing the radical left would have if they could get away with it. The left appears to be much closer to doing so than the right.

In physics, we are apt to say that for every action, there is an equal and opposite reaction. Indeed, it is the nature of the physical world to seek balance. In the case of fighting for social order, blood-letting begets blood-letting. It always has.

Even if full blown revolution does not break out in America, wars will be created and manipulated elsewhere to keep the general public busy looking at the wagging dog...

On the other hand, perhaps it's time for full blown war here in the US. We've been privileged since the 19th century not to have massive bloodshed on our own soil. I think Obama and the UN and the globalists would welcome the opportunity to go after the core of America's dying values.