Friday, March 6, 2015

Short & Sweet
but maybe not so popular

If you really care to know if you’re a civil rights advocate, ask yourself what the punishment should be for a prison guard who uses excessive violence or force on an inmate. If it’s not a minimum of a legal charge of assault, then you’re neither a civil rights advocate or human rights advocate. 

A person who can justify unnecessary violence because of a badge demonstrates militant bigotry, similar to terrorists who justify torture.

Our government has been helping big corporations displace American workers and hire foreign workers, saving them millions in labor costs. Big business spent $14 million last year alone lobbying for more foreign visa workers. Corruption at its finest. 

These winter storms have caused problems for thousands of people across the country, but it is difficult for me to fathom the experience of being stuck in traffic for 15 hours due to bad weather conditions. Talk about unexpected danger! You would think their highway dept would have prepared for this… 

I am vaguely amused by the article about an annonymous priest who is taking confessions via Snapchat. The church says this is not a priest. I consider it a brilliant way to get material for a book, possibly volumes!

Based on this photograph, we are not the only flightless mammal who enjoys a chance at soaring with eagles in flight. This is one crazy weasel!

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