Tuesday, March 10, 2015

It used to be a respected position

Iran just unveiled their new long-range cruise missile. 
 I'm thankful we will have time to pray before it gets here.

Jeb Bush said he would be an upbeat candidate. I believe he would be anything to anybody for their vote. I’m more concerned about who and what he is, not what he would be.

The biggest Presidential election mistake made this century was when John McCain assumed America wanted a statesman as its president instead of a celebrity. It was a gross error, only surpassed by the stupidity of the American people and voters.

Germany will start forcing some of their largest companies to give women 30% of their supervisory positions. Although not free enterprise, it will be a very interesting experiment…

I find it hard to believe that the state of Nevada will not allow couples to be foster parents who have a permit to carry a gun. Protecting children and family…makes perfect sense!

More injustice? A 21 year old gets counseling for rape at the University of Oregon’s clinic, only to find out her privacy (doctor-patient privilege) is not protected and her records belong to the University and they could access them at any time.  Putting the student's safety first!

In today’s world, if you choose to buck the system, make sure you understand that the system doesn’t care about your rights and have legal bypasses when defending their system or attacking an opponent. Their pockets are almost always deeper, and the entity, not the individuals, pay the costs.

Chaplain could be kicked out of Navy due to Christian beliefs. Specifically, a failure to show tolerance and respect to issues of faith, marriage and sexuality. Removing Christianity from the US Armed Services, did you expect otherwise?  Boy Scouts maybe...

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