Monday, March 9, 2015

Model of inefficiency!

So how do you cripple the CIA? You overhaul it and reassign thousands of undercover spies! It doesn't look like we have been made stronger when we undermine reorganized the armed forces, justice department, customs & border security, ATF and DHS. Watch the chaos escalate!

Do you believe that the POTUS did not know that his Secretary of State, Hilary Clinton, was using private email until the media reported it?  I draw one of two conclusions: 1. He is clueless as to the behavior of his very powerful staff, (incompetent?) or 2. He is not being truthful.  You would think she emailed him from time to time...

Do you really believe that Iran demonstrates tolerance towards Israel, their sworn enemy? They tolerate drug dealers with mass executions.

Has everyone in the civilized world turned into haters in some form or another? What happened to people being polite, courteous, well-mannered and respectful? When dealing with intolerance, one need not stoop to the same level, no matter how good it feels.  

I am very concerned that this country is becoming a "police state". Since 9/11, it seems the rights of American citizens have diminished whereas the rights of certain groups, including undocumented immigrants have increased.  

Among my greatest concerns are the changes in police brutality and use of deadly force, search and seizure, rights of privacy, wrongful prosecution, equality before the law and the right to a fair trial (unaffordable for many).

See what happens if there is a police disturbance and you want to witness the event.  Most likely you will be told to leave the vicinity, even if you have the legal right to witness the event.  Mrs. Crane was recently involved in a situation that included militant, rude and demeaning remarks from an officer.

When people lose trust in law enforcement due to the behavior of a few bad apples, the most likely outcome is more resistance and violence.  Of course, it hasn't helped that law enforcement has become a major revenue source for many ailing government bureaucracies, despite what we are led to believe.  

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