Tuesday, March 17, 2015

Could get deep in places...
Gubament & Relijun

Obama's Harvard law professor Larry Tribe

Are taxpayer funds illegally going to a nonprofit to unseat Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu? It looks like the President is working really hard to get rid of this guy. Once again, illegal actions by certain politicians will not be enforced. Unaccountability and injustice in action!  MSM staying far away from story.

Is it just my imagination or is the White House actually backing the Palestinians over Israel?

Citizens of Brazil don’t like their left-wing leader who’s in her 2nd term. They had 1 million people show up to protest. Their economy must be pretty bad. USA has FEMA camps in place for this very reason. 

I was watching a special on ISIS and a man said, “The west is wrong. ISIS justifies everything they do, every act they carry out, with Islamic tradition.”  Don't tell our Community Organizer, you could be deemed racist & stall the Iran nukes deal! 

4 Los Angeles colleges were raided last week, only to discover the 1,500 Foreign students enrolled don’t attend classes, but just stay in the USA by paying tuition which allows them to get student visas. I would be willing to bet this is just the tip of the iceberg! 

How is it that the federal government can “plan to trace every fish and crustacean" that arrives in America, but can’t keep up with criminal illegal aliens or people overstaying their visa permit?

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If the Christian religious community weren’t getting enough bad press, they’re getting it now that prosperity preacher Creflo Dollar asked for donations to buy a new Gulfstream jet at $65 million.  Trusted servant is not what comes to mind... 

A former member was quoted, "Creflo Dollar didn't have a jet when I went to church here, and now that he has one, he's asking for another one. At what point does my 10 percent actually go to my community?

If everyone would donate just $300… What most people don’t know is that the least expensive cost of owning an aircraft is the actual cost of the plane itself. Operation and maintenance are astronomical. 

Off-duty police, hired by the church, made journalists stay 500 feet away and refused to let them video along the street because “even the sidewalk…belongs to the church”. They also ushered the congregation away from the cameras. Such good shepherds and false teachers...

It wouldn't be difficult for me to believe that more people on planet earth are prejudiced against God than anything or anyone else.  When we see some of the actions of His "so-called" followers, it's easy to justify resentment, bitterness and condemnation.

People keep insisting on proof God exists. He already proved it. He revealed himself and his power to man, allowed it to be documented, and provided signs of His existence throughout the earth. But alas, man is never satisfied and wants more proof.

Actually, we really don’t want proof; we prefer serving ourselves, living in our own will and not being accountable for our actions. If God revealed himself to everyone in a vision or dream, the majority would not believe it or discount it as hallucination or imagination.

Which do you think is more difficult, proving there is no God or that God exists?

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