Wednesday, February 18, 2015

Low Blow!
by definition

Obamacare fail? In Iowa, doctor calls patient with pancreatic cancer to tell her that her insurance company, created through Obamacare, ran out of money. NY Times

$2 billion paid out, $4 billion to go. Sure doesn’t look like it’s going to come close to funding this invisible elephant! On the upside, the government may save money due to a decrease in Social Security payments with people dying because their health insurance can’t pay.

Obamacare has become an unpopular subject to many who are filing their taxes. It looks like they’re paying attention now! The Affordable Healthcare Act is not very affordable!

Once Americans start paying their own bills, they learn just how much they can trust our government. Or they don’t learn, as history continues to prove human insanity… Democrats are going to have to sign up more voters if they're going to keep the Presidency, I expect them to be combing cemeteries and our borders.

A Russian firm announce that the US government is at the forefront of embedding spyware overseas. And this spyware doesn’t wipe off. If you believe they have limited their surveillance to adversarial countries, you may be na├»ve. NY Times

If found guilty of child sex abuse and assault at the school he founded, do you think the renown Illinois Imam will prefer punishment of Sharia or American law?  NY Times

It will be very interesting to see how Muslims react to the Imam’s infidelity dating as far back as 30 years. I wonder if they will exempt him from punishment by Sharia law. 100 lashes? Per incident? Stoned to death?

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Anonymous said...

With millions of new voters pouring over the borders, my guess is that Democrats will have all the votes they'll need. Hillary "Butcher of Wco" Clinton in 2016!