Monday, February 16, 2015

Anti-Muslim bigotry
What did you expect?

I don’t see the anti-Muslim bigotry subsiding in America until all Muslim leadership condemn Islamist executions of non-Muslims. They need to scream it from the mountain tops every time it occurs.
One reason: ISIS beheads 21 coptic Egyptian Christians and video it. These types of horrific acts are becoming more frequent, even in America.

And when Muslims burn Jewish children, should it be considered a hate crime? This has had very little press. The UN won’t even condemn the act…so much for promoting peace in the region. Y Net News What’s worse is if it would have been a kitten or puppy, the media coverage would be amplified 10 times over and public outrage would last for months.

“Of course this has something to do with Islam just as the Spanish Inquisition, the Crusades and witch burning had something to do with Christianity,” Soren Esperson, deputy chairman of the Danish People’s Party, a right-wing populist party. He added that Christianity had “dealt with its fanatics,” and Islam “must now do the same.” NY Times

Danish liberal politicians, including the Prime Minister, didn’t want Islam blamed for the violence. Go figure…

What’s the downside to educating the brightest liberal elite in the nation? They sue you for discrimination because you don’t have closed captioning on your online lectures. Harvard and MIT may be reaping what they have sewn! NY TImes

Train up a liberal in the way he should go: and when he is old, he will turn against you, show the world how much better he is and justify his own bad behavior.  He won't lose a nights sleep unless charges are filed or a formal investigation is announced.

I watched a disturbing video on cable this weekend called “Kidnapped For Christ”. It’s about teenage children of evangelical Christians sent to a behavioral modification center, one for being gay. Although most are voluntary programs, this one was not! It’s an estimated $2 billion a year industry

On the other hand, I know several people whose lives were saved by Teen Challenge.  Of course, it's a voluntary program that doesn't try to "pray away the gay..."


Anonymous said...

A state of perpetual war is what the grand powers want because it unites the population against a common enemy and drives law and order and taxation and yet more control systems. There is a greater plan that US citizens are not privy to...

When my country told me to go kill communists, I did as I was ordered. Likewise, when my country said to kill muslims, I supported it. However, when I look at these beheading videos, I see a slick propaganda production. I am not convinced they are real. CGI and special effects have risen to realistic heights we never imagined twenty years ago. In every case, why are those who are being killed not squirming or begging for their lives or attempting escape? I'd rather be shot than die in such a gruesome manner, wouldn't you? It has been suggested that the burning of the Jordanian pilot is also a SPFX ruse.

Previous beheading videos showed no blood, no gore, even as the perpetrators were sawing across the victim's neck -- the camera cut away, then returned to show a decapitated head sitting atop a corpse. John Carpenter would be proud.

Combine this with the validated reports that the CIA is supplying ISIS and you have an interesting scenario.

The media lies to us because the powers that be want it that way.

I realize saying these things is like a whisper in the wind yet there are others who question the illusion that is being offered to the public by manipulative overseers.

By the way, who is the great deceiver and who are those that believe in him?

Could I be wrong? Of course. As a matter of fact, most of the time, I hope I am wrong about these matters. However, with what I see and the information I gather, I am afraid I am correct.

Anonymous said...

I'm the guy who wrote the comment above. On reflection, I hope I am right about these things because if so, these people supposedly being beheaded, really aren't. If I'm right, these poor souls are still alive.

Additionally, it would mean there is no excuse for patriots to not rise up and cast off the chains of a tyrannical group of control freaks. Just say "No!" to tyranny.