Monday, February 23, 2015

ISIS found new revenue stream?

ISIS revenue includes harvesting and selling organs from its victims? "We have bodies… Come and examine them.  It is clear they are missing certain parts." Iraqi UN Ambassador Mohamed Alhakim

At the recent White House Summit on “extremism” Obama argued 'that force of arms was not enough and called on all nations to “put an end to the cycle of hate” by expanding human rights, religious tolerance and peaceful dialogue.' Yea, that ought to stop the killing of terrorists.  

Obama is strengthening our armed forces!  I'm sure the enemy won't think twice about fighting against an infidel army consisting of gay and transgender troops.  Allah may double the reward... 

Who would have thought it? Signs of anti-semitic, pro-ISIS activists in Washington, DC. Does the swastika dilute the brand?

Prediction: Analysts will attribute significant revenue to growing business sector – selling hate supplies and marketing to haters! Flags, guns, ammo, t-shirts, Holy books, spray paint, masks, prepper supplies, writing/printing supplies, legal fees, mobile video cameras, ect...

New Oregon governor promised reforms "needed to restore the public's trust in government." NY TImes  Public trust in government? You’re kidding, right?

Speaking of trusting the government, I watched the show “Silenced” about gov. employees who came forward to show how they violated human rights and civil rights. It didn’t matter if they weren't guilty, our government ruined them!

Legalized pot has created problems for Colorado High Schools, where drug “incidents” have increased. Biggest problem, explaining to teenagers how recreational use of dope isn’t like alcohol or cigarettes.

It looks like California has possibly figured out a way to ban new handgun sales. I expect used handgun prices to rise sharply.

Would someone please tell me the difference between a white person calling a black person a “ni99er” and a black person calling a woman a “c#nt"?  And is one worse than the other?

Another question. Is the winter anomaly we're experiencing here in  North America happening anywhere else?

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Anonymous said...

Anomaly? We don't need no stinkin' anomaly to prove that the climate is changing! All we need is the UN and Al Gore to say so. We do need new taxes in order to prevent climate change. Please send your checks and money orders and cash donations to Tom at the Thank you for saving the environment.