Tuesday, February 24, 2015

DAESH - the new name for ISIS

Oscars brought out the social media loons and haters accusing Chris Kyle of being a racist and a liar. If Chris Kyle is a racist, then so is every American Veteran who has fought in wars in the last 100 years, red and yellow, black and white. Yes, it looks like they are trying to rewrite history and condemn vets!

Several countries are starting to call ISIS a new name – “Daesh” or “Da’ish”, which is a derogatory term. The name deprives the group of legitimacy, and they hate it. I expect it to catch on quickly.

While our President preaches tolerance and human rights towards terrorists extremists, ISIS/DAESH is training home schooling children as young as 5 in militant activism. We will probably see some of these kids in US universities in years to come.

They don’t have to travel to the Middle East to join Islamic activism and receive training. There are numerous compounds in the USA that train loyal Muslims. Our government has acknowledged them as terrorist organizations for years.

The above article infers that state department reports, after 9/11, stopped describing the group “Muslims of America” as “an Islamic sect that seeks to purify Islam through violence”. Looks like we stopped condemning them in 2001 and started making friends.

I find it unbelievable that as Christians are being slaughtered all over the world, this administration is focused on making Muslims feel better, instead of all out condemnation of any religion that includes wholesale murder. Tolerance of murder and torture is the same as enabling it.

Iranian nationals are very upset that they are not allowed to take certain college classes here in the USA; specifically physics, chemistry, electrical and computer engineering. I expect non-US citizens and liberal colleges to start screaming discrimination very soon. Truly, what’s wrong with educating a sworn enemy?

I’m not sure I feel safe having Iranian nationals in this country? Even if 99% are not a threat, it only takes one to create mass chaos.

So what do you do to help keep the homeless from freezing on the streets during this cold spell? The City of St Louis has decided to order a Christian homeless shelter to stop taking people in! Such compassion is inspirational!

I guess the homeless in St Louis will have to get thrown in jail in order to survive the cold. The local government should get ready for bigger jails and more officers on the payroll instead of finding alternatives to helping the homeless, many of which are mentally ill. It may be time for some extreme changes in government leadership in that area.

This morning’s update referenced the Messenger has “WCM Weather Team One in the field”. Can someone tell me how many weather teams they have put together?


Anonymous said...

Hey, all this business about making war against crazy Muslims just may be a massive propaganda push, you know? How do we explain that ISIS is being supplied by the CIA (by proxy, the US government?) and that Al Queda was also a CIA creation? I mean, maybe that's not true, but there sure are a lot of fingers pointing in that direction. Don't you ever wonder about it? I do.

Additionally, all this business about the events on 9/11 being orchestrated by powerful international interests... how do we respond to that? By accepting the official story and making war on Muslim countries? Well, that's what we've done so far. Who profits? Follow the money.

The thing is, there is enough evidence out there to cast doubt on what our government says what is happening. Oh, it is certainly a tangled web, but it would explain why our communist dictator of a president seems to keep stroking the Muslims -- maybe he knows something the general public doesn't. Specifically, that all this anti-muslim sentiment and the subsequent wars are all about petrodollars and the control of banking interests in Libya and Syria and those other Muslim countries that didn't want to play ball with the world banking organizations.

Hey! Here's a really crazy idea: what if Chris Kyle is alive somewhere?

Anonymous said...

One of the things we've forgotten is the ability of our current administration to wag the dog in order to distract the attention of the American people away from the crimes of our current commander-in-chief and his cohorts.

Most of the policies Obama and his administration have put in place do nothing more than weaken our country. He is a traitor who has managed to get into power illegally for the sole purpose of taking down America. From the outrageous financial debt to the open borders he has not passed one law to help protect our country. He has quietly dismantled and weakened the military and retrained them to turn on the citizens. Obama has helped finance our enemies and broken long-established ties with allies. Then there is the too many to list scandals.

America deserves better. Citizens should demand criminal charges of TREASON rather than be distracted by anti-Muslim propaganda and charges of racism. It's all smoke and mirrors.

It is far past the time to make signs and march on city hall.
We must stop this illegal muslim traitorous president by any means before it is too late to recover.

Perhaps it is too late already. Open your eyes, America. Your freedom has been bought and sold due to your own ignorance and acceptance of the nightly news. Fools.

Anonymous said...

"America deserves better. Citizens should demand criminal charges of TREASON rather than be distracted by anti-Muslim propaganda and charges of racism. It's all smoke and mirrors."

America is getting exactly what it deserves. Americans voted him in office, even after he told us what he was going to do. We didn't even care where he came from!

Our laws were written in the blood of patriots. They are being changed because we don't really care enough to fight for our rights!

Anonymous said...

Actually, there were plenty of us who cared where Obama came from. No one vetted him. Not the Republican Party, certainly not the Democrats, and not the media. He got a free pass. Why? How did that happen? People like to say it was because he is black (or half-black, shall we say colored?), but I think the truth is that the FIX was in!

So, because we have a rigged system of government (including the courts, by the way, and likely any other institution that can be be bought), the American voter really doesn't have that much to do with it. Are votes fixed in the state of Illinois? How about Florida? New York? New Jersey? Well, of course they are. We'd be foolish to believe otherwise.

Some of us are fighting for our rights and attempting to expose the criminals through logic and common sense because that is all we have. You see, the judicial system does not work for us -- it is corrupt and broken.

Many Americans simply buy the hogwash shoveled out with the daily news. The lies, deceit, manipulated media, and outright propaganda has the mass of citizens so confused they're ready to blame everything on the ragheads. And that is just what our handlers want.

Why is John McCain still in office? Why is Jeb Bush even allowed to be considered for a presidential run? Has anybody seen Chris Kyle's body? Open casket funeral? If they can pull off Sandy Hook then they can pull off Chris Kyle. What's happening to the alleged shooter in the Aurora case? Didn't Gabby Giffords have an incredible recovery from a massive brain injury? It was truly a miracle. Or maybe not.

Now, I don't want to live with a sharia law court anywhere in the United States, but I also don't understand why our borders have been porous for years, if it's all not done on purpose.

The truth is, the bad guys got in charge. That includes gay socialists and pedophiles and billionaire computer wizards that have influenced the philosophical direction of western society by limiting the types of operating systems that have been developed since the 1970s.

Free thought is a thing of the past and is considered dangerous by not just those in Washington and London and Austin and Dallas, but also those sitting on the city councils, school boards, and commissioner's court in Wise County. The epidemic of ignorance has spread everywhere and these days we are told not even to believe what we see with our own eyes (falling towers in NYC on 9/11), unless of course, it is broadcast from network television.

Does the American public deserve this? Like one of my favorite Clint Eastwood lines says: "Deserve's got nothing to do with it."

America is being raped by the rest of the world and Mr. Obama is simply the chief enabler.