Tuesday, January 27, 2015

More homeland surveillance

Does it surprise you that our Justice Department has been spying on millions of cars? Reuters Of course, tracking vehicles and keeping a record of their travels is better than having to get a permit to drive from state to state and go through checkpoints.

The CBO touts the lowest deficit since the President took office, and in the very next paragraph the CBO “projects a 14 percent drop in the number of U.S. residents without health insurance, largely because of Obama's health law.” Neither announcement is very impressive.

I find myself highly amused as the gay community is very upset that President Obama referred to their condition as a “lifestyle choice”. Now that I think about it, he's not the only one of that opinion!

You remember when Federal officials vowed to fast track the drug for Ebola? Sorry but they’ve been delayed. Emergency? Too bad! You can die in peace knowing your government is still working on it. NY Times

So, what do you think the real reason the President would refuse to meet with our most stable ally (Israel) in the Middle East? I have several suspicions, Iran being at the top of the list.

Any pilot who would fly a slow, single engine airplane over the ocean for 2,400 miles is crazy, stupid or engaging in a very profitable enterprise.

Have you ever pondered the question: Where in America is the safest place to recruit, plan and protect terrorists radical extremists as well as plan activities? The first answer that came to mind was: our prisons. Made perfect sense.

We provide food, clothing, shelter, security and many other resources needed for gathering information and intelligence. Ironic, isn’t it…

Then there’s the movement that non US citizens should be able to vote if they own property here and pay taxes. If I were a group wanting to create No Go Zones inside America, this is exactly how I would start. Washington Times

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The Donald said...

over the ocean for 2,400 miles

I'm thinking there's more to this story - some thoughts:

• Inexperienced pilots don't ferry new aircraft across the Pacific, maybe there was a mis-calibration of the fuel burn or a leak.

• Marketing stunt for Cirrus? Assuming he was flying at the aircraft's rated ceiling of FL175, what are the odds of CG air assets arriving quickly enough to snap those pics, given its glide ratio? Of course, the pilot may have given a heads up well before that while doing some enroute calcs, so who knows?