Sunday, January 25, 2015

Warning: Data in video may cause
Liberals heads to explode!

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TommyBoy said...

An eye-opening presentation: so why do they want to ban or restrict gun ownership? And why have they gone to such great lengths to push their agenda? That is, if you believe these public incidents are staged hoaxes.

The collectivists call people like me "conspiracy nuts" while lying through their teeth about their ultimate agenda. I offer this explanation: they are terrified of having their lies uncovered en masse by an armed population. If the truth is ever revealed, there is no place they can hide. They should be afraid -- they've earned their fear.

The future they offer is bleak; a utopian view of gulag life.

Perhaps it is just the psychology of those who feel more secure when they are in charge of the rest of us. Perhaps they buy into malthusian theories of dwindling resources. The idea of enforced "fairness" is also there. Of course, what is fair to you just may be a complete waste to me.