Thursday, January 29, 2015

Proof: Man is
capable of great evil.

I just saw the scenes from the most horrific film Alfred Hitchcock ever made, “Night Will Fall ”, a documentary on the holocaust. They claim it was lost until recently, but I’m not convinced. My theory is this film was shelved because the public in that day would be unable to stomach the grotesqueness.

Today, due to our conditioning of death on screen, more should be able to tolerate the footage, but let me assure you, many scenes are absolutely sickening! I don’t know which was worse, witnessing thousands of decomposed dead or the thousands of tortured, emaciated half-dead. 
Never underestimate mans’ ability to exhibit evil.

I don’t care how tough you are, this show will rock your world! This is not a film you will quickly forget.  Catch it on HBO if you dare...

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