Friday, January 30, 2015

Anti-Muslim = Racist

“One person’s terrorist is another’s freedom fighter.” For this reason, Al Jazeera English will no longer use the terms terrorist or terrorism “unless attributed to a source/person.” Makes perfect sense… 

…except for the fact that killing and torturing people because they are not Muslim and won’t convert to Islam does not constitute actions to opposing oppression. These are actions meant to advance oppression into the service of Islam, not by choice or freewill, but through violence. 

You don’t have to tune into the Al Jazeera network to hear news correspondents suggest that Chris Kyle was a racist and went on killing sprees. Just catch the Morning Joe on MSNBC. They must want to turn American heros into criminals, you know, like the Vietnam era. 

Our troops are not the enemy, they only carry out the orders of our government. And if I remember correctly, MSNBC promoted the election of this administration, who continue to direct this "killing spree" in the Middle East. Of course, MSNBC also promoted his campaign promise to end the war in the Middle East.

It is most apparent that anyone speaking out against Muslim religion, whether extremists or pacifists, are now labeled racist, even though Islam is a religion practiced by numerous races, including Caucasians. A grand effort to shame people to shut up, because this is not the definition of racism.  I expect them to rewrite the definition of racism any day now.

I am more sympathetic to those in the Middle East who accuse us of being occupiers of their sovereign land. This is easier to understand than their desire to completely annihilate all non-Muslims on planet earth, which is a very valid reason for our occupation. If they’re not willing to “live and let live”, they should be prepared for the opposite. We have... 

…the time is coming when those who kill you will think they are doing a holy service for God. This is because they have never known the Father or me.” Jesus Christ ~ John 16:2-3

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