Wednesday, January 28, 2015

Pay based on performance? Hell yea!
Let’s start with the government!

Implementing major changes to health care for seniors, Medicare is in for a major change. The US government wants to pay doctors based on their performance, a seemingly impossible task. If government officials were paid based on their performance, most would be eligible for food stamps and welfare. Quite the hypocrisy!

What bureaucrats will you trust to judge doctors' performance? My prediction on the fallout of these changes is more doctors will stop accepting Medicare. This may actually be the goal of the program, fewer doctors could enable more government control.

If you don’t think our government wants to control senior healthcare, you don’t have to look any further than the Messenger Update and see how Wise Regional is “taking ownership” of nursing homes. Why? State law allows them to receive more money from Medicare/Medicaid because the facility is “affiliated with a public entity”.

Lawmakers giving public entities preferential treatment could be considered redistribution or discrimination of the private sector. It will be these same entities who get a free pass when they implement 32 hour shifts to bypass full time employee benefits. Ask around, see if it’s not already happening.

In New York, the “nursing homes are seizing control over patients.” Is this a possible future trend?

If you don’t think health care costs in America are a big deal, a few disconcerting facts may be in order. Such as: “medical debt is the leading cause of bankruptsy in the U.S.” and “one in four people say their medical debt exceeds their emergency savings”.

This may not concern you now, but based on percentages and law of averages, it will be a concern for most Americans or someone they love. I see very few individuals who can remain above the fray.

Surveys and Polls: When an entity pays to have someone conduct a poll or survey, is it not logical that the polling agency would ask what results the customer entity is looking for? If I were in the habit of paying for  surveys and polls, I would continue to patronize those who provided the desired results.  Easily manipulated.

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