Thursday, December 11, 2014

Yes, we have no bananas...

Life after losing $110 million Yahoo Finance What a wakeup call… maybe politics was his true calling…

Who said our congress couldn’t come together and pass laws? They just approved $1.1 trillion to keep the government from shutting down and checks from bouncing, along with increases of up to 1,000% for donations to political parties and permitting donations of up to $226,800 annually for House and Senate campaign committees.  Yahoo Finance

Not only that, lawmakers even agreed to ease restrictions on banks put in place after the bailout in 2008. The Yahoo article states that Republican leadership said the new bill "stops wasteful spending, reins in regulatory overreach, avoids shutdown, improves government." Watch both parties grandstand and condemn the bill, while they vote for it.

Please provide me with the shortlist of patriotic Americans who donate 6 figures annually to political parties and do not expect anything in return. I am unable to comprehend this action without the motive of ROI (return on investment).

Harry Reid finally said something I believed when ‘Asked whether any of his Republican counterparts could become president'. His reply, ‘[President] Of what?'  Yahoo News

It doesn’t sound like Senator Reid expects there to be much left of America. He implies the question of why someone would even want to be President once they’re finished dividing our country and bankrupting the treasury? What makes these politicians feel safe and secure here if their agenda is successful? Why would anyone trust the people who swore to uphold our Constitution when they take action to dismantle and destroy it?

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