Monday, November 10, 2014

Drama in America
Coming soon to a theatre near you

Hyundai and Kia recently got a taste of doing business in America when they agreed to settle a lawsuit with the US Justice Dept for $350 million because they misstated their cars’ fuel economy. You may think they deserve the hefty fine, but please remember that it’s the consumer who pays the bills. This would be considered extortion if it were any other entity than the US Govt.

Researchers with Fireeye Inc have found a bug in Apple’s operating system that they say makes most devices (iPads & iPhones) vulnerable to remote cyberattacks. Great! Just when you thought it was safe to use the latest, greatest technology, it gets slammed. Do be careful btw….

“Failure of politics”! That is what the President called the losses of the Democratic Party in the last election. He also says he needs to change this during his final years in office. Personally, I’ve had all the hope and change from this guy I care to experience.

Law enforcement are now attending seminars to fine tune a practice known as “Civil Asset Forfeiture”, which allows them to seize property without filing charges or securing convictions. States are all over this deal, which is now over $4 billion a year enterprise. New York Times

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Anonymous said...

I'm a retired police captain. I am proud of my profession and these civil forfeiture laws are diminishing trust in law enforcement.
Another terrible law is Tampering with evidence. Kid gets stopped by the cops, has a joint eats it. He is charged with a felony for a misdemeanor amount of weed. The state does not have to prove he ate actual weed, just that he concealed something.