Tuesday, September 2, 2014

On the lighter side...

Does anyone else find it odd the our government can identify Americans who are traveling to Syria to fight for ISIS when they can’t find over 11 million illegal aliens undocumented immigrants inside the United States own borders?
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After reading about an Oak Cliff man who shot and killed (without warning) a burglar crawling in his window, I thought I would share a few of the comments on the news article:
He did get a warning shot! He just got in front of it.
The locked door was the “warning”.
The homeowner gave a warning – to all future criminals  
Thanks to liberals, ammo is too expensive…no warning shots!  
Muzzle flash should be sufficient warning.  
Democrats can now use his vote for decades…  
What? You mean to tell me that nobody is blaming Bush?  
When are states going to go after the law makers and judges promoting the “Catch and Release” programs for dedicated criminals?  
...this guy did more to reduce crime in Dallas than the last 10 years’ worth of politician-passed laws. Should get a $5k tax exempt reward for the service he rendered.  
In California you’re not allowed to defend yourself unless at least one person (hopefully not you) has been killed, not shot, killed. Also, if you have any pets they too must have been killed. Then you have to get permission from 911 (20 to 30 minute waits are common) to defend yourself but don’t use a gun! Vomit or pee on the attacker, beg for mercy, offer to wash their car, polish their shoes, even wash their clothes … sounds stupid huh?

I am not a fan of “catch and release” unless it’s an endangered species. BTW, feel free to add your own comment if you so desire...

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