Thursday, August 28, 2014

It's almost Friday...

I have found myself in search of the fast food chain who serves the best “Bacon Egg Cheese Biscuit”. So far, Braum’s is leading. Burger King was a colossal fail. Feel free to render your opinion on the subject, as long as it’s bacon, not sausage.
Best thing I read all day…

“President Obama placed his hand on a Bible and swore to preserve, protect and defend the Constitution of these United States. It’s time to put down the golf clubs, Mr. President. It’s time to stop the parties. It’s time to take off the mom jeans and put on some big boy pants.

We need a leader with the moral courage to defend our nation against an unthinkable threat.

Do your job, Mr. President”. Todd Starnes, Fox News Radio

This could apply to most of our congressmen as well.
Speaking of doing your job, will our government ever hold bankers accountable for breaking the law or will they just continue to levy fines against them. The government just serves as a business expense to them, which has proven to be a great expense to our economy and the American people.  Throw a couple of CEO's in maximum security prison and the word will get out quick...
I really appreciated the comment I read concerning the shooting instructor who was killed by the 9 year old he let fire a fully automatic Uzi. It read, “Stupid has consequences.” I’m not gonna forget that remark for quite some time.
Newsflash: Scientists Take the Edge Off Bad Memories in Mice  
M.I.T. researchers say a technique that adjusts emotions attached to memories could eventually lead to more effective therapies for people with psychological problems. NY Times  
Adjusting emotions with light technology. It may work, but won’t be implemented unless big pharmacy can find a BIG payoff in treatment.  There is more money in anti-depressants than just about any other medication.
Which ultimately leads to the question: How far are we willing to allow “mind control” in humans? Probably pretty far… I know I would pay just about anything to get my wife to shut up sometimes…

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The Donald said...

I know I would pay just about anything to get my wife to shut up sometimes…

Wow! Someone's feeling their oats today, huh?

The tragic accident with the shooting instructor and the Uzi has of course elicited hue and cry from the usual suspects on both sides of the 2A.

My two cents is that the instructor had a fateful lapse in judgment. Any novice shooter, especially one so young, should have been 'caged' - an adult's arms assisting in control of the gun - until safe operation had been established.

When I first took my Daughter to the range, I sat behind her and helped her steady the [circa 1943] Savage .22 single shot (that my grandfather bought @ Otasco for my Dad) - ensuring that she would not inadvertently point the gun in an unsafe direction. Recoil, of course, was not an issue, and once she demonstrated she was fully in control, I eased back a bit. We used the same technique as she learned how to shoot my 3 .22 revolvers, and 3 .22 self-loaders.

In 2012, we attended a cookout with some friends near Springtown, where she was afforded the opportunity to fire a 1941 MP-40 and a 1943 PPSH. Even though by that time - at age 11 - she had demonstrated excellent safety with firearms, we followed the earlier procedure, whereby I maintained an element of contact/control of the guns.

My first shooting teacher was of course my Dad, but several years ago, I became an NRA-certified instructor. The leader's name was Bill (can't for the life of me remember his last name), and I think he was from Sunset/Bowie.

My heart goes out to the families of the instructor and the girl - many lives impacted. As is so often the case, a moment's inattention can have deadly consequences.