Wednesday, January 9, 2013

King of the United States?

So what type of Congressman would introduce a bill to end term restrictions on the President of the United States? 
Representative Jose Serrano, Democrat from New York, that’s who…  NBC Latino


Anonymous said...

Just a whole bunch of nothing. Study up on it for yourself if you choose. This dude, among many others, have put this bill up for years on end and it never gets anywhere. Both Democrats and Republicans have tried it. Nothing to see here, but just more kettle stirring from Denney Crane:

Anonymous said...

Somebody needs to sir this apathetic kettle. The point is, progressives keep working it until they get their way. There is no compromise with communist revolutionaries. Anonymous poster, do you count yourself among that number?

South Vietnam is a communist country today. Most of south and central America is as well, but, according to you, there's nothing to see. Why should we be alarmed that the greatest murderers of the 20th century (communists) are now leading their charge into the 21st century in the name of democracy?

Whole bunch of nothing? Baloney.