Monday, August 17, 2009

"Socialist" = right-wing
codeword for "nigger"?

Why is a racist retard like this Uncle Tom worrying about conservative codewords? I think he's just Jeffrey Immelt's brown nosing bitch....

I am sick and tired of thinking I need to apologize for being conservative and white... it's a big bunch of bullshit!

What I love about being a conservative southern man is that I don't have to have a code word for "nigger"! If I want to say "nigger" or call you or our President a "nigger", I will! I don't need permission from you or my constituency! I am much more afraid of a socialist President anyway!

Until you take away my constitutional right to free speech, I can say as I please, JUST LIKE YOU! You want to keep playing the race card and create animosity between people of color and white people, you go right ahead; just don't expect to like the outcome!

So the next time you call me insane, eccentric, chauvinistic, unpatriotic, Hitleristic, hypocritical, idiotic, manipulative, prejudiced, bigoted, racist, homophobic, cracker, honkey, white boy, right wing, religican, lying, bastard, dickhead, please remember that it's the same US Constitution that insures your right to do so.

but I could be wrong!

Denney Crane


LandShark 5150 said...

You said a dirty word, you said a dirty word. You said "right-wing".
How can I even compete. You carry a big bat and after this post -- obviously two balls, getting ready for the proud walk to 1st base. WOW, I backed off this one, as I've said before -- BRAVO,Sir, BRAVO.

Anonymous said...

Greatest. Post. Ever.

The sad part is that it has to be said.


Mango's Madness said...

I would say castrate the bastards, but how do you castrate empty suits and talking heads. Mindless robots doing the bidding of the powers that be. Frankly, they can just go to hell!

Anonymous said...

i can see you are proud to be an ignorant bigot. good for you.

the thing is, in case you haven't heard, the south lost the civil war. whites can no longer hold black slaves. dred scott has been overturned. you may also not be aware that the George Wallaces of the world lost the civil rights battle to continue institutionalized bigotry and segregation. also, lynchings are now illegal.

more recently, polite society in this country has shifted to a point where it is no longer respectable to judge someone by their skin color, or to look down on a person for his or her racial or ethnic heritage. much less is it respectable to call people hurtful racial epithets used in former times by slave owners.

i'm sure this news makes you sad. in a way, i can understand your anger and frustration. but even though you are ignorant, old, and nearing the end of your life, i think there is still time for you to come to grips with a modern world in which it is no longer ok to call someone a nigger because it makes you feel better about yourself.

You may call me Your Majesty. In fact, I insist. said...

Free speech can be both inflamatory or inspiring. Sometimes there's a fine line between the two.

I see what you're saying but I am sort of disappointed in how you said it.

Anonymous said...

insane, eccentric, chauvinistic, unpatriotic, Hitleristic, hypocritical, idiotic, manipulative, prejudiced, bigoted, racist, homophobic, cracker, honkey, white boy, right wing, religican, lying, bastard, dickhead

Denney Crane said...

Dearest 8:44 AM Anon,

I may exhibit bigoted tendencies, but I am far from ignorant. How long do you think we will allow people of color to cry racism and demand special rights and entitlements? It is also creating much more animosity between our races, so I hope these minority special interest groups are proud of the aggression they are causing!

Black people refuse to be victimized and I don’t blame them. But I will be damned in hell before they label me, my speech, my conservative beliefs or my constitutional rights racist when they aren’t!

Christianity calls me to love my neighbor and my enemy; I’m just not so good at loving my enemy. What’s even more ironic, I don’t consider minorities my enemy; but some of their Soros funded special interest groups and 0bama funded MSM are declaring war on my rights, and that’s a very aggressive attack that I and others will not lay down and surrender.

Calling me a Nazi, racist or ignorant is just as hurtful as racial slurring. The difference is conservatives don’t go crying to the media and the government to stop the hate speech. We have come to expect it.

I am so angry about the MSM and current administration using the race card on every single issue that I think they need to know the truth… If conservatives want to use the N word they will! We don’t need a codeword to do it. They want to create racial tension, it’s happening; don’t expect different results!

Lastly, I do not feel good about myself about what I posted. I feel guilty about using the word and actually do not like the word in any context; although, no one holding on the race card will believe me.

But now that the truth is out there, you know I’m not afraid of the N word… maybe those who continue to antagonize me and my beliefs may back off a little. The "modern world" is creating the racial divide, it also can’t stop the future atrocities that will occur because of it.

Anonymous said...

ok I have to chime in on this one. I believe Denny is right. To the guy who brought up the civil war and slaves... excuse the hell out of me but my family was too poor to own even a single slave and in fact was indian heritage and was persecuted as much as the slaves. My great grandmother walked the Trail of Tears. Look that one up, big boy.
Secondly, I would like to see a white history month, a white museum, a white holiday!
I don't think that blacks or other races can boo hoo racism and being kept down by the white Obama and Sotamayer. So the tides has turned and white people are the ones being put down now. How long ago was the civil war? Get over it. There aint a black person alive that was ever a slave. But if a white person and a black person apply for the same job.. the black guy will get it because we wouldn't want a form of racism would we! Look at Sotomayers ruling on the firefighters. Blacks and hispanics are not being persecuted. White peopel are and its high time white people stood up and said we are proud of our race! If the civil war is all you can tag on us... kiss my ass! White people has done alot for America and we deserve the recognition for our accomplishments just the same.. White (with a little Indian) and damn proud of it!!! You go Denny !

Anonymous said...

We obviously don't live in the same world. I watch the news, read several papers daily, and cannot imagine what inspires the hatred in this blog today. Course, I will also thank the Lord tonight that we indeed do not live on the same planet.

mzchief said...

To Denney Crane...
I guess Barry was hurting for hits so he stirred it up a wee bit of a snot storm by targeting your blog.

Clearly, there are more white apologists of limited intellect who visit Barry's Blog than I had originally realized. It amazes me there are people who can and do throw down offensive words like; cunt, fuck, jap, spic, squaw but mount their high horse at the mere mention of "nigger." For God's sake, it is a WORD and when used in context is nothing more than a WORD.

Personally, I am outraged that OZombies are attempting to redefine the word "Socialist" to mean "nigger." I have encountered niggers of every colour and Obama is not a nigger, Obama is a SOCIALIST.

Please, note the second usage definition for the term nigger.

Gator said...

Denney Crane, you might be trying to stir up shit with the may actually think that way...either way you are my hero and I agree with everything you said 100%. Dude, you have got some big balls! Impressive, for sure.

Sensei Mitch said...

Sticks and Stones will break my bones but names will never hurt me.

Words to live by you bunch of pansies:)

Anonymous said...

Yes, it's just a word, but it's a word that depends on one's personal frame of reference. I don't care what is said about me, but when you hear a kid, who is obviously emulating their parent, say of your biracial grandson, "Look at that little nigger run," it tends to piss you off.

mzchief said...

To anonymous 12:59...
Would you have been just as upset if someone had said, "Look at that little bastard run?" I would hope so since it is never appropriate for anyone to randomly denigrate a child or any other person, for that matter. The child who called your grandson a nigger said more about themselves and their parents then they could ever say about your grandson. How YOU handle your grandson being called a nigger speaks volumes about you. It is not the job of government to make certain anyone or any group does not have their feelings hurt by the words used by ignorant people.

Many years ago while a child and visiting my Native American grandmother, I heard her called, several times, squaw by a very obnoxious white male neighbour. Believe me, it is not a compliment for a Native American woman to be called squaw, especially by a white person. I asked my grandmother why she let the man get away with calling her squaw and she calmly responded, "His calling me squaw does not make me a squaw but does make him an ass." no doubt the same applies to people who call your mixed race grandson, nigger.

Gracious One said...

Wow you did get a little well pissed off I think, right about the words though, but maybe you should have cooled off a little before ranting on. As some would say though it has to be brought to our attention what they are trying to slyly do.

Anonymous said...

sorry but black folk need to remeber that it was dems that tried to keep them down,George Wallace was a dem oh yea he used water hoses to beat them back. It has nothing to do with being in the south I have heard people un in new york say shit just like that and even meaner. If you hate the word nigger then I think blcks should stop using it when they talk about there own.

Christopher said...

Look guys, I think that both sides of the argument are really stupid and sophomoric. Racial tension is no greater or less because of a HALF African American president. For years racial tension was moved to the recesses of our unconscious thoughts,and behind closed doors. Now things are different and these putrid and de-evolving thoughts are percolating to the surface. With that being said, not all blacks are necessarily "hurt" by the word nigger anymore. They actually expect that whites and other races call them that. Black people classify all white races to be the same. Not me I like being specific when I feel like being racist. So if I feel like saying inbreed mick, I'll say INBREED MICK! Its my American right. If I feel like saying greasy deigo wap I'll say GREESY DEIGO WAP! Its my American right. If I feel like saying bassakwards dumb pollock Ill say BASSAKWARDS DUMB POLLOCK. Its my American right. But I digress..... Likewise on college campuses white frats and sororities have MLK parties on MLK's birthday. They dress up like stereotypical blacks and eat fried chicken and Its their American right. So what I did in college was I organized a get this.... Irish potato famine party on get this.....St. Patrick's Day! We all painted our faces white and spent hours staring at an empty garden. lol With pints of Guinness in hand of course. So Boston Legal's Ass kiss my ass.