Friday, July 31, 2009

Pure Presidential Protesting

This is getting ugly


Anonymous said...

What's the difference between this and ACORN's actions?

Mango's Madness said...

Do you think that the people are starting to get their bellys full of the bull that is being pushed?

Anonymous said...

Yes, yes. Loud and proud. No more sedate and polite response to socialistic programs. This is a new response and one people seem eager to join in. Go go go.

Anonymous said...

And I wonder why? Could all the hate and rhetoric spewed in the Media and on blogs and in bars and churches and such have anything to do with it? Let's keep enticing people with falsehoods so we can get the revolution started up quicker. Assholes.

I say take notice it was happening in the South. Hell them thar folks still are pissed at losing their slaves. What would one expect from the racist elite? Did they not have their sheets washed for the day?

Is this Mango Madness character for real? Or is it just someone who likes to push buttons? How could anyone really believe or wish for the things he/she spouts?
It is true...every fire needs a match to start it and hot air to keep it burning.

Oh yeah...lets get rid of any Socialistic ideas that would benefit all of the people. Let's keep getting further into this Capitalistic, Caste society that we so enjoy now. Believe me folks... we are much closer to Communism than we are to Socialism...our dictator is money. The rich rule. Those same nice rich folks that are swooping in like vultures buying up all of the private property and wanting to control the government.

I simply cannot understand all of this tunnel vision. It is narrow-mindedness at its peak. is treasonous. Isn't treason punishable by death?

All of the fear and negativity that is being spewed out to the world will come back to us ten fold. You get what you give.

They say the Devil laughs while God shakes his head in sorrow. I'm sure we will know soon enough who will get the last laugh.