Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Proper etiquette on
how to start some shit!

Lorelei Kelly of the Huffington Post wrote an op-ed titled "Liz Cheney: Wrong On National Security, Wrong About Our President". In it, she wrote, “And in today's world, power is best defined as the ability to influence change. Even more, it is the ability to influence the intentions of others."

I commented, “Just because you and our President enjoy changing terms and definitions does NOT make them true or accurate. This is Clinton era crap and it brought about the 9/11 attack... but that's not the history you remember."

I'm smiling now because I know how much the lefties hate people who happen to disagree with them.


Anonymous said...

i'm not sure it qualifies as Clinton era crap, as i don't think even Wild Bill was this bold; however, it is representative of poor communication. If your first sentence tries to define a give topic by saying the topic is "best defined" by...pick any set of words, and then your next sentence begins with the phrase "even more", well then, your first sentence wasn't exactly well thought out, was it? More bothersome is the notion that those presently in charge believe power to be defined by the ability to alter the wishes and desires of others. CIA operatives who dabbled in mind control through use of drugs and paranormal activities, whether real or imagined, have been the bad guys in countless fiction works since the Seventies, and they are bad guys because generally speaking, most folks think that their own ability to think for themselves is something the government shouldn't be out to pilfer.

Anonymous said...

You really want to be hated? Who decided it was Clinton whom caused 9/11...I've always heard it was Bush behind the bombings trying to make his war look real.

It's so true what they say...opinions are like assholes...every one has one.

People do seem to communicate hate but it does seem we can't agree on who to hate or who to blame...still it is a mighty fine way to be sure that any positive progress will never be made. We so readily do the devil's work for him.