Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Just In: Tweet from the President!

President: “Deferring reform is nothing more than defending the status quo,” opponents need to look at what they’re defending

Ug Uhmmmm. Mr. President, that depends on your definition of reform, sir.


Anonymous said...

Hey, maybe if more people would look at the status quo versus Obongo's programs, we would not be fighting these leftist terrorists.

Anonymous said...

Holy Cow...I am now a terrorist?
Look beyond your house people and the status quo doesn't look so good. Any kind of reform would be better then the way things have (trickled down to what this nation has become). You know how we talk about history in BC and AD terms?...Well I think of the American downfall since 1980 when that dumb movie star and his anorexic wife took over as BR and AR. No not just before Ronnie and after Ronnie but as before Republicans and after Republicans.

The right wing that should be called the rich wing and their wannabe followers who are too blind to see that they have been had. They too are motivated by greed and fear that those less fortunate might get something that they believe is theirs.

I think a whole lot of what the authors Sennett & Cobb said is showing to be incite that is right on the mark. People at the top don't want the people beneath them to move up the ladder lest they get knocked off by them. I feel those that are so oppossed to change or to helping the less fortunate simply fear what they may need to give up or share with others.

Greed and the leadership of the past 29 years has been what has caused this recession/depression to come about and now those who have benefitted from those corrupt leaders and policies don't want to see change and Mr. Obama is trying to make changes that will benefit more than a chosen few. Those few don't want to part with a dime (taxes) of their money or any of the power that the money has afforded them. Thus, they hate and attack the President every chance they get. We are nothing like the generation that went off to fight in WWII and even some who fought in Viet Nam. We are not a whole working for he greater good.

I see no Patriotism or anyone trying to be United. People who don't know me hate me and attack my beliefs and I have no patience for those who go on the attack of
the new leaders. It really, really seems like sour grapes from a bunch of poor losers and it really makes us look foolish and weak to the outside world. You know...that great big Global Village out there that knows all of our business thanks to CNN and the world wide web. No wonder those dammed Russians felt free to be disrespectful to our leader...look what many Americans feel free to say about him.

If people (terriorists and other world leaders) want to attack us or bring us down...we are near ripe for it.

Just saying and like you often say Denney Crane...I could be wrong. Yet my heart tells me I am right and so does my gut which often proves to be more on the nut then does my heart.
Sorry but this leftist terrorist thiks it is high time for a change. Time for the big boys & girls to suck it up and stop belly aching.

People don't worship God in this land they worship money and power and use God's name to sucker people without into what amounts to be little more then the wealthy forefathers owning slaves or making people bonded serfs. We just haven't called it what it is. It's not Republicism it's classism and control.