Tuesday, February 14, 2017

How Refreshing!!!
Suffer fools gladly…but
dismiss and expose the dishonest

 ~ What a refreshing message: lie to us, lose your job. National Security Advisor Michael Flynn resigned his position for lying to the Vice President and the public. The Trump administration has covered for employee mistakes, misstatements, conflicts of interests and even breaking the law, but they don’t tolerate being lied to.

If they can’t trust the National Security Advisor to be honest, they have a recipe for disaster, similar to the Iraq invasion.  Flynn would probably still have his job if he had told the truth. Everyone knew that Trump would reevaluate Obama’s sanctions on Russia, it was no secret. 

Who would hire a dishonest man? A company or firm who uses deception for profit…that’s who!

  ~ I smiled Monday when I read the headline, “Federal judge rejects request to block Dakota Access pipeline – for now”. I have to believe that federal judges may be a bit gun shy of the attention they could receive from the POTUS if they go against him. Who wouldn’t be?

  ~ HAPPY VALENTINE'S DAY!  Since flowers don’t cut it anymore at the Crane home, I got Mrs. Crane a deluxe manicure and pedicure for Valentine’s Day.  I decided it's easier and less expensive than enlarging and renovating the dog house.


Anonymous said...

Cannot believe my eyes -- over at LL, someone suggested shooting the CIC. I know there's not that many Wise County Democrats so maybe it's an outside agitator. Can't believe he'd let a comment like that go through.

Anonymous said...

Something has got to be done about the treasonous Democrat Party. Stop the flow of money first, investigate and arrest, prosecute and sentence.

Do not trust these spineless "progressives"! Put them in jail, send them to Syria.

Anonymous said...

Liars all, you got that right! You cannot trust a Democrat these days.

Anonymous said...

Politically biased members of the US intelligence community are refusing to pass info to President Donald Trump. Uh, ya think those dudes might lose their jobs? What the heck have they got to hide?

TommyBoy said...

I guess LL is blocking me too. What the heck did I do?