Tuesday, September 6, 2016

Life is too short not to
swim with the whales

~ Here’s a doozy of a headline: ‘How Spy Tech Firms Let Government See Everything on a Smartphone”. Your right of privacy does not include the government. Remember, people hack into their databases on a regular basis.

 ~ Check out the latest conspiracy theory on the US and EU negotiating global trade dominance in secret. Hackers found the info and are now bringing it public. Am I alone in my belief that large corporations, bankers and the IMF are behind this?

 ~ Our beloved POTUS just went to China to promote these global trade treaties. He’s keeping his promise on the redistribution of wealth, especially to other countries. China wouldn't even provide him a ladder to get off his jet, good for them.

Are you voting for a criminal for POTUS? Do you define a criminal as someone whose actions are criminal or do they have to be convicted of a crime?

 ~ As they spray for mosquitos to control the Zika virus, they’re killing millions of bees and other insects that pollinate vegetation. This is a big lose-lose scenario. Once again, thank your government for its incompetence.

 ~ Georgetown University looks to be increasing enrollment diversity by offering perks to the descendants of the 272 slaves they sold 200 years ago. This is a lesson in how to look good and gain national headlines with minimal cost. This will not atone for the past since many prefer reparations be paid in cash, like that’s any better….

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