Tuesday, September 13, 2016

Hey Whimpie, pay me it's Tuesday!

 ~ Why would any patriotic American stage a protest against first responders (police) on a day reserved to remember those who lost their lives and the selfless acts of heroism that were demonstrated on 9/11? Would someone who loves America demonstrate disrespect for our National Anthem for any reason? I think not.

They have the right to protest, but I have the right to call the act disgraceful. Police and other first responders risk their lives daily to protect Americans, which is a much greater sacrifice than these athletes will ever make to protect us.

I, for one, protest them. I will boycott all those players, teams and their corporate sponsors for dishonoring the deaths and sacrifices made by thousands, as well as disrespecting our National Anthem. They don’t deserve the blessings of freedom purchased by the blood of true patriots.

  ~ Conservative activist, lawyer and author Phyllis Schlafly died recently. She spoke out against liberal ideology; including abortion, homosexuality and anything else that weakened families or our nation. America’s pop media pundits sure had some disgraceful things to tweet about her.

Is anyone surprised that liberals demand tolerance for their beliefs but spew vile rhetoric about someone who publicly opposes theirs? Can’t wait until they experience Sharia law…

  ~ As Hillary vilifies big banks and corporations, Goldman Sachs banned employee donations to Trump, but not her. I have to believe the biggest reason is that they don’t or can’t control him or he’s more expensive to buy…

  ~ The U.S. Defense secretary denounced Russia while in England because he believes they hacked the DNC’s computer system. This is a great hypocrisy since our government spies on and monitors more private information than any other country in the world.

It takes criminal action of an Edward Snowden or Julian Assange to make their actions public. These men took great risk to inform us, and we did virtually nothing.  Sadly, the America people don't make our government truly accountable for their tyranny, which is coming soon to your home and workplace.

  ~ The US government wants us to believe Russia is our life-long enemy, when in actuality, they are just a competitor. They want their people employed, compliant and prosperous, just like all taxing entities… Hell, they’ve agreed to help us fight ISIS in Syria. Does that sound like the actions of our enemy?

 ~ The POTUS has threatened to veto a bill the both the Senate and the HORs unanimously passed that allows the victims to sue Saudi Arabia for their participation in the 911 attack in New York. As this administration promotes globalization, one might ask why he would veto the bill.

Why would he deny Americans the right to sue a foreign country for damages and reparation for terrorism? It’s just a trial, don’t those countries want to clear their name? Doesn’t he want those responsible to pay for the damage or is that right exclusively reserved for the US government?

My first inclination is to believe that he is protecting countries who sponsor acts of terrorism, of which, Iran and Saudi Arabia are at the top of the list.  Does this President truly represent and defend the interests of the American people? It shouldn't take a rocket scientist to figure this one out...

  ~ On the lighter side of things, scientists like President Obama so much they named a parasite after him. How fitting…

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TommyBoy said...

I would rather see those professional athletes protesting something real -- like the collusion of American power-brokers and bankers with those who actually pulled off the attack on 9/11.

Even 11 years after the fact, we should be talking about the real perpetrators. Scratch that, we should be burning down their homes and businesses and dragging these people to trial.

Why isn't everyone talking about it? Oh wait, it's because the sold-out American media controls the conversation.

Globalism sucks.