Thursday, July 14, 2016

I found this terribly unnerving

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Anonymous said...

That looked like the textbook case of what NOT to do when stopped by police.

Anonymous said...

A traffic stop turned into an execution. I've said it over and over, cops have way too much power over life and death. The guy who got shot looked as if he didn't understand English and he made no overtly threatening moves. Why the two coup d'grace shots at the end. Because he was resisting?

Don't get me wrong, I hate those BLM guys -- they're communists! BUT we can't allow USA cops to go around killing people on a whim and let them turn around and justify it by saying what a dangerous job they have.

If one of my loved ones was murdered in this way, I would not rest until justice was served.

The Donald said...

I agree that it's jarring to watch.

I wondererd if maybe the guy was hearing impaired, so I read the backstory on that - looks like a possible 'suicide by cop' situation. What's not clear is why 2 additional shots were fired after the subject was on the ground (similar to Sterling case). Seems NLF (taser) could've been used at that point as the distance was not so great and he didn't have full range of motion. Of course, even so, the first two rounds may have proved mortal.

The lawyer for the dad said "You don't point (a weapon) at an individual for a traffic stop", which sounds like something the blogging barrister might come up with.