Wednesday, July 6, 2016

Airhead - n., the average America voter

 ~ When loaning money to a friend, you may want to keep in mind that, “About two-thirds of people who lend money never see it again,”.  I think most people have already experienced this…

 ~ So there’s this hole about 1.5 inches in diameter under a vine in my garden. I’m thinking snake, mouse, rat… Low and behold, early this morning a tarantula is halfway outside the hole devouring who-knows-what it killed last night. It did break the monotony…

 ~ Monday night I got a Netflix DVD titled “Joy”. I was so distraught, I couldn’t sit down for the last 15 minutes of the movie. It evoked many dormant emotions that I hadn’t experienced in years! I can’t believe De Niro actually took the part he played.

 ~ It looks like the FBI director wanted to keep his job through the next decade with his recommendation on prosecuting the Hillary. DOJ would have just let it slide anyway. Rest assured, karma is a bitch.

 ~ Based on the ISIS terrorist attacks in Saudi Arabia, their government will need to increase their monthly payment to them for protection. And yes, it’s all about the money.

 ~ I read a headline on NPR titled, "The Brief History of the Middle Class".  My first thought: yes, America will definitely have a brief history on the middle class as its extinction looks inevitable.

 ~ It looks as though we have an unusual contest that’s fixing to begin. Trash collecting in space. Nets or harpoons, who do you think will win? I was thinking of a giant space magnet, but I guess that’s too random.

 ~ 300 miles in 28 minutes? Color me in! Hyperloop, high speed transportation of the future. But have no fear, the government will get involved and ruin it.

~ Headline of the week: "Eating Trash Makes Bears Lazy As Hell, Just Like You and Me"


TommyBoy said...


Great graphic today!

I don't loan money because the Lord sees fit to keep me on the edge. He knows if too much comes too quickly my way I'm liable to get myself in trouble.

The FBI Director Comey is another Democrat traitor. Hey! Anybody know whatever happened to Lon Horiuchi? Can't believe the murderer is still walking around sucking up my good air.
Corruption is so rampant now, it's the one thing you can count on.

Bingo on the ISIS terror attacks. They could be wiped out in a single day if the Obama adminsitration had the will. Not gonna happen, though, because Obama might end up killing a cousin or two.

Giant space magnet is actually is pretty good idea.

The Donald said...

I'd like to see that magnetic high speed rail work out. Several years ago, there was a small tech company testing a concept along those lines in the industrial park in Azle, but without the vacuum.

TommyBoy said...

Yo! Tried to post some old fashioned hippie wisdom and it disappeared! This is a test. Blogger hates me because I'm beautiful.