Monday, May 2, 2016

The best defense is a good ______.

Racist photo of the day

  ~ Canada, a bastion of liberal culture, has blamed its gonorrhea epidemic on “Social Media”. And all this time I thought it was caused by sexual intercourse. Blaming ‘unprotected sex’ must be offensive.

  ~ If you refuse to give your computer password to authorities, a judge can jail you indefinitely, based on suspicion, without charging you with a crime. Even though he’s probably guilty, this officer has been in solitary confinement for 7 months. There goes the 5th Amendment to the Constitution.

  ~ Norway is offering refugees £840 to leave the country. Based on welfare payments to refugees and illegals in America, it would take over $10,000 to provide enough incentive to leave here, but it would still save money in the long run.

  ~ Talk about a loophole in the rape and consent law. An Oklahoma appeals court ruled that it’s not against the law to engage in oral sex when the victim is unconscious. h/t to the Liberally Lean Blogging Goddess

Prediction: I bet those Okies have a law on the books in less than 12 months. Question: Why would our reproductive organs not qualify as safe zones?

  ~ Blaming Trump for the violence at his campaign rallies is similar to a blaming a fireman for a fire. Many of these acts are caused by people getting paid to incite violence by institutions funded by leftists, a tactic used in Hitler’s takeover of Germany. Two words: Organized Crime

A Trump supporter went to a #stoptrump rally in San Francisco and here's what happened.

For a power-hungry multi-billionaire, controlling the world is the next logical step. Americans really need to ask themselves if they’re better off than they were 7 years ago and if they want more of the same and allow our government to continue to enable subversive activity. Silence is consent.

  ~ Our schools may want to teach students about money. Specifically, counterfeit currency. Some students are not paying very close attention to the money they use.

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The anti-Trump protesters sure have a limited vocabulary.