Thursday, May 5, 2016

Not all fruit
comes from plants.

 ~ Feds give lessons on extortion: WASHINGTON — The Justice Department on Wednesday warned the state of North Carolina that it risked losing millions of dollars in federal funding because its controversial measure on bathroom access discriminated against transgender people.

 ~ If the Supreme Court legalizes bribery in America, it makes sense that it would be a politician facing criminal charges that would get it done.

 ~ The notorious Romanian hacker Guccifer, who broke the news that Hillary had a private email account, says he hacked her home server, contradicting her claims there was no breach in security. This guy just made the top of the Clinton $hit list, he won’t last long in jail.

 ~ If you think your Gmail or Yahoo email account is safe, you might want to read where this Russian obtained logins for over 272 million email accounts. We’re in for a big rodeo.

 ~ What happens when colleges let student activists take over? Parents send their kids somewhere else.  That's what happened to Mizzou after all the BlackLivesMatter protests. Two words for Mizzou: good riddance.

 ~ A team of underwater archaeologists have discovered an Egyptian army in the Red Sea. First they found Noah’s Ark, now Pharaoh’s army. That book may not be full of myths and fables.

 ~ Please forgive me if I seem insensitive, but I’m tired of Prince’s death and addiction being the top news story every night this week. Now the Feds will join the circus. He’s dead. How he died is immaterial, other than the ratings boost for adding drama and shame to the situation. Let his troubled soul rest in peace.

 ~ Talk about failure, anti-Trump groups spent over $75 million on 64,000 negative ads to take him down. Who’s afraid of the big bad wolf?


Anonymous said...

The more all those assholes riot over trump, the more people will follow him because we are sick and tired of the establishment's bullshit of supporting non americans instead of investing in the lives of Americans!

mzchief said...


Fake news does not dispell myths and fables.