Monday, May 16, 2016

Light 'em up!

 ~ In the WTF section, 64 people in Bangladesh were killed by lightning in two days. Even though it’s harvest season there, I hear my grandmother ask about having enough sense to come out of the rain.

 ~ If you don’t think social media leans left, consider the fact that you can make rape jokes about a woman who is a conservative politician, but Twitter will ban you if you tweet ugly remarks about a Muslim pop star.

 ~ One definition of irony could be a President who receives the Nobel Peace Prize even when he spends two full terms of leadership at war.

 ~ “Sorry, We Don’t Take Obamacare” Be prepared for substandard care and much higher premiums. Even middle class liberals are waking up to the sad fact that they have been bamboozled.

 ~ I haven’t done anything risky or stupid this month, so last weekend, I invested in a startup I read about through Seedinvest. Some of the people who put money in the startup know what they’re doing, so I’m okay with a 5-10 year return. I considered the potential return worth the risk.

 ~ Pfizer has blocked the sale of its drugs used for lethal injection. You don’t think it may be a liability issue? States can’t get them from overseas because the Fed confiscates them. Back to electrocution, firing squads and hanging.

 ~ On May 8 and 9, the first penis transplant was performed using a deceased donor’s organ. The possibilities for humor are endless, but I could have sworn that the first penis transplant that I can remember was when the moved Charles Manson to Corcoran State Prison.

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