Tuesday, May 10, 2016

Let's reap a whirlwind...

  ~ How does Planned Parenthood respond when the state of Kansas decides to no longer give them money? They sue them on the grounds that they are breaking federal law by not giving them money. I didn’t know the Federal government required tax money to pay for abortions.

If Planned Parenthood wins the suit, they will have the power to extract as much funding as they want from taxpayer funds. I expect billboards and TV commercials in the future.

  ~ Michigan is having to inject half a billion dollars into the Detroit Public School System in order to get teachers to come back to work. After being told the school would run out of money in June, everyone got sick and 97 schools shut down.

I expect foreigners to buy much of Detroit and establish their own code of government and rule of law. The place should look like Beirut by 2040.

  ~ MSM news continues to broadcast “jobless rates are at record lows”. Unemployment is not the same as jobless and basing the unemployment rate on the number of people drawing unemployment benefits is not an accurate assessment. Propaganda at its finest.&n

 ~ And speaking of the MSM, I believe their bias against Donald Trump is working for him. The MSM is probably one of the top 3 most powerful entities in this country. I’m glad they depend on advertisers for funding, otherwise, we the people, would have very little influence on what they throw at us. 

 ~ The New York Times had a great article on “What Makes Texas Texas”. I must admit it was not what I expected from a Yankee newspaper.

What I most proud of, being a Texan, is the people. We take other people at face value, based on their behavior. Race, sex, sexual orientation, religious beliefs are not a factor of how Texans treat others. That being said, we’re not good at tolerating a$$holes, haters, criminals, bigots, bums, liars or cheaters; no matter who their daddy is.

BTW, in Texas, a real man always carries a pocket knife! Just ask to borrow one, that's how you know if he's a real man...


The Donald said...

Detroit doesn't already look like Beirut?

The Donald said...

BTW, in Texas, a real man always carries a pocket knife!

Just one?

I often carry a Frost Cutlery pen knife, a Case medium stockman, and a Gerber serrated clip knife...just to be prepared. And sometimes, in addition, an Ozark Trail multi-tool pliers.