Monday, April 25, 2016

Will half this country
vote for this woman?

The list is amazing...
Do you really want this woman
in control of the CIA, FBI, IRS, DEA or the DHS?
Plan to reap the worldwind


mzchief said...

I've never voted for a Democrat in a national election, however, I will vote for Hillary, if Trump is the best the GOP has to offer. Trump is a fraud and a con artist who has readily admitted to people he is saying one thing to get elected and will do another when he's POTUS. Trump is VERY dangerous in that he has no loyalty to any party. Trump doesn't know the process of working within the government. Hillary has loyalty to the Democrats and will only screw up so much, she has at least read the US Constitution. Do I like Hillary? NO! Do I think she'll make a good POTUS? NO!

I have spent my entire adult life voting for the lesser of two evils, for me, voting for Hillary is no different.

Neither party has ever represented my views on what is best of the US and how to execute the rights within the US Constitution. I dislike the drunken manner in which both parties toss about the hard earned money of Americans. They're both sh!t and it's just a matter of which spoonful you're willing to swallow as to which party you cast your vote.

The fact a fraud like Trump has gotten this far in the GOP race for POTUS tells me the extent to which the Republicans are screwed. If Republicans can't keep the drama out of their own house there's no way they can handle the White House, Senate and House of Representatives. One thing you can give the Democrats, they have their sh!t together.

Had as many Republicans voted for Romney as voted for McCain, Romney would have won and we'd not be having this discussion. We're here because of the evangelical Republicans who refuse to vote for anything less than their "perfect" candidate. Except when it comes to backing a pro-choice, pro-gay, bombastic bully like Trump. I'm not a Republican and never have been a Republican, I'm not obligated to vote for the clown currently winning the race to represent Republicans.

Anonymous said...

I hate it when I write a brilliant retort and somehow it fails to post. Mzchief, you'll have to take my word for it when I say I wiped the debate floor with your post.

The Donald said...

I don't trust Trump, either, and truly wish the GOP would select another nominee (it may happen). My gut tells me he's a fraud - as MzChief says - but my takeaway is different from hers.

Along the lines of voting for the lesser evil, Trump appears more viable to me. He has bankrupted some companies, and seems a loose cannon, but has otherwise built an impressive real estate empire, and apparently independent of special interest groups. He totally lacks a record showing he's fit for governing. Hillary, OTOH, IMO, has spent over four decades in or around government machinery, and does have a track record - all negative. I believe it's fairly well established that she is a liar and manipulator, quite possibly a turncoat for selling U.S. secrets or influence for contributions to the Clinton foundation. Coupled with her stated platform issues, I would have to vote for ABH.

I agree with Mz's statement about WMR. He should have been elected in 2012, had not a bunch of wankers withheld support for flimsy reasons. To me, it's unconscionable that such people deliberately enabled another round of BHO to be foisted upon this nation. He's been pilloried in the press for his criticism of DJT, supposed disloyalty to the GOP, not being forceful enough in the '12 campaign, ad nauseam. But, in my view, he was the most Presidential candidate we've seen in a quarter-century. For better or ill, my 'fantasy' ticket for November's election would be Romney/Fiorina.

(BTW, I am not trying to 'split the difference' between Mz and 2:45, just stating my view.)

TommyBoy said...

My less than humble opinion says the whole shootin' match is fixed for Hillary but I wouldn't vote for her unless you put a gun to my head. Or gave me a cell phone.

And Trump? He's a distraction. A dilettante. Somebody has promised him future tax breaks if he'll do this for Hillary... uh, I mean the country.