Friday, April 15, 2016

What? I was wrong all this time?

 ~ I read a headline on Facebook that stated “Millennials like socialism – until they get jobs’. How rude is that awakening?

 ~ In the ‘Really Big Deal’ segment: Who do you think will have to make up the $8 million loss of revenue to the Wise County taxing authorities? Surely you don’t expect them to cut their budget by that amount.

A much greater concern is that this is small potatoes compared to what the school districts will lose. Taxes will either go up, or spending will have to go down. Wanna guess what your elected officials will choose? So much for the oil field bust. 

Bernie’s taking a trip to the Vatican and says it’s not about politics after Hillary was to give a speech on the “Urgency of a Moral Economy”. The circus is heading to Rome.

So what happens when the US Government gets involved in pension plans? Eventually they have to slash benefits to remain solvent. 400,000 truckers are not happy, and I don’t blame them. Watch the presidential candidates pander and make promises for their votes.

Based on the level of incompetence, graft and fraud, why do so many people want to trust this government with their future? It has nothing to do with political parties.

  ~ Someone explain to me why oil is going back up substantially even though supply is still more than demand? What has changed to cause this?

I jumped in and bought some stock Tuesday. DTO is a double short crude oil ETN. I am betting crude oil will fall significantly within the next month. I plan to sell after a 20% increase, then buy LINE or SDOC when they go back down when crude drops. Now that I have a plan, watch Israel bomb an oilfield somewhere. 

 ~ I really want a mountable camera to put in my vehicle to record my trips, just in case I happen to witness something that could go viral…or be sold for a profit. My biggest obstacle is not knowing the best camera that does it all with the least amount of time and trouble to operate. How un-American.


TommyBoy said...

I like GoPro cameras. Price is right, good quality, easy to use.

The Donald said...

I too hold the opinion that millennials are borderline worthless, although I'm not sure they can be held to account, inasmuch as the generations that preceded enabled the decline.