Monday, April 18, 2016

Micromanaging America
Good luck with that...

 ~ The President has signed an executive order that is aimed at inciting competition of big businesses in America. I wonder how much that’s going to cost us. Usually this type of interference produces the exact opposite of its intended purpose.

 ~ The Horror! How will Georgetown University survive its untold history. 272 slaves were sold in 1838 to secure its future. Heads will be exploding all over campus with this news. Acceptance, tolerance and forgiveness is not part of the liberal mindset or agenda.

I predict someone will sue for the Catholic Institution for reparations and settle quietly. Past sins cannot be made right by dollars. Give 272 full scholarships to the descendants of the slaves and move forward. A degree allows for freedom of choice and from ignorance, both of which can enslave.

 ~ Paypal has cancelled building a facility in North Carolina because the state’s position on anti discrimination of LGBT citizens. Paypal has every right to do this, yet we the people, have every right to choose not to do business with them if we disagree with their policies. It used to be called free enterprise.

Call me what you will, but the people in each state have the right not to give preferential rights not already granted by the Constitution to any special group of people, including Christians, Muslims, politicians, felons, ect… All people should have equal rights, not privileged groups.

 ~ I cannot believe the conditioning our youth are receiving playing video games. Grand Theft Auto is becoming a medium of violent, destructive depravity. Silence is consent.

 ~ I wonder how they missed spotting a galaxy that orbits our own? This is just 1 of the 4 that orbit us.

 ~ Oh, and BTW, that healthy diet of seafood you’ve been eating has recently been found to contain more unhealthy chemicals called POPs. DDT is a POP. A very small amount obstructs our chemical defense system. We will continue to have more and more sickness.


Doc Feelgood said...

For whatever it is worth, Snopes says "false" on the Putin quote:

Anonymous said...

While I think that particular quote is bogus, Snopes is not a very good site to reference. They have been known to support the establishment despite common sense, much like the Associated Press.

"Whatever it is worth?" Not much. Apparently the bogus meme had done its work because I was able to find a slew of articles concerning the veracity of the quote. Again, in my view, the quote is at least partially correct in that communism/socialism has never worked as a viable, honest, fair political system.

Tad Billmire said...

On that galaxy, I'm betting it is not something they have missed. Maybe you miss a planet or a moon here and there, but an entire galaxy? I think not. I'm betting on this guy called "God", you know that all powerful deity who has a history of creation.

Anonymous said...

Yea 12:32,

I can see where that guy, in between creating tornadoes, earthquakes, AIDS, Zika, child molesters, cocaine, heroin, cancer, ebola, mudslides, wildfires, tsunamis, schizophrenia and fire ants would certainly have a little spare time to prank us with a spare galaxy every now and again.

You just keep on bettin', son. Probably oughtn't to take any trips to Vegas though.

Tad Billmire said...

4:26 I'm not sure what point you are attempting to make, it seems like you are saying God is too busy doing these other little things to have time to continue the process of creation, but I don't believe God micro-manages in all those things you listed. Most of them are a natural consequence of life on this planet and some are man-made. So, does that free him up enough in your mind for additional creation?