Sunday, April 3, 2016

Jeffress throws down on Muslim Imam
After POTUS sympathizes with terrorists

Dr. Jeffress begins @ 1:20 mark
Facts or fiction? You make the call.

The POTUS says the intent of terrorists is to “lead us to turn our backs on those who are in most need of help and refuge”. Wow!!! And I erroneously thought it was to incite fear and terror into those they wish to hurt and control.

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Anonymous said...

Please, don't say radical muslim, ok? It offends me. I'm also offended when you talk about women or Jews, and sometimes I feel bad for the whales. Please refrain from using the word "niggardly" -- I'm sure I don't have to explain why. If we're going to change the world, we must start in Syria. Clearly, ISIS is simply a misunderstood group of international mercenaries who just happen to be muslim.

Additionally, I have an idea for modifying the English alphabet in order to make it more inclusive by throwing in a few odd characters of Farsi at the beginning and at the end.

The idea that after ISIS destroys America and Israel they will make everybody convert to Islam is ridiculous. Other religions will simply be suppressed. Christianity is kind of hokey anyway, don't you think? No gay sex, no female priests, no fun.

They're not going to kill us all either, so settle down. They need lots of slaves so most of us will be all right. The elderly and hippies, not so much. When Sharia law kicks in, it's going to thin out the herd naturally.

We're all going to have to learn a few new phrases like "all of you into the snack bar" and "uma shaka lika neva before," but that's not so bad. Remember when they made us take Spanish in high school? It'll be kind of like that.