Wednesday, April 20, 2016

Preacher, say it ain't so!

 ~ What do you think about the gay pastor’s lawsuit against Whole Foods for a gay slur supposedly on a cake he bought? Whole Foods is countersuing him and his attorney for $100k saying they can prove (with a video) that they did not do it and the cake in question was not the one he bought in their store.

You don’t think that preacher may have wanted to promote his church in this ordeal? He may have rear ended himself...

 ~ What happens to elementary students in Tennessee that don’t stop a fight? They get handcuffed and arrested. 6-10 year old criminal behavior?

  ~ The Department of Homeland Security has issued a warning. If you have Quicktime on your Windows based computer, they say you need to uninstall it. Big problems!

  ~ If you want to know why your health insurance premiums are soaring, a major factor is over 1 million illegal aliens are being subsidized by your premiums. This is redistribution of wealth from the middle class to people here illegally, this is not right.

  ~ Prediction: If California raises the minimum wage to $15, watch an Exodus of hundreds of companies as they head east for greener pastures in the east. Cost of living will soar. Cities there will beome like Detroit and Chicago by 2025.

I think Amazon saw the writing on the wall and moved to Texas, the second to last state to interfere with business.

Another prediction: If Trump wins the GOP nomination, rally’s will have more aggressive protesters and civil unrest will break out. You don’t see any Democrats calling for peace and harmony do you?

  ~ And then there’s the Smartmatress. It has an app for your phone that tells you if someone’s having sex in your bed. A hidden camera is cheaper.


The Donald said...

On the gay pastor story, I smelled a rat from the get-go. For that to have happened at one of the most gay-friendly businesses in the most liberal city in Texas would have been a real black swan event. Plus, how would he not have seen the cake through the clear top?

Very stupid man.

Anonymous said...

I like litigation and all the money that comes out of it. It's what makes government go round.

Perry Mason

mzchief said...

If you look at the cake the "Pastor" claims to have purchased. The "F" "A" and "G" were piped using a different sized tip, as well as the "top down" technique whereas the "Love Wins" lettering was piped using the "side" technique.

Yeah...I took a cake frosting class a few years back.

RPM said...

The cake thing just didn't pass the smell test from the get go. If it had been any grocery store other than Whole Foods I might have thought it was legit. Glad that WF is countersuing but doubt they ever collect a cent in damages. The "preacher" has already defaulted on $27k in student loans.