Tuesday, April 26, 2016

Ain't life grand?

If you think your health insurance premiums are bad now, just wait until you see what they do next year. Now that United Healthcare has bailed out of the program after losing half a billion, the remaining companies will be able to charge whatever they want just to keep Obamacare operating.

Do you think there was $1.3 million worth of information on the San Bernadino iPhone? That’s what the FBI paid to have it hacked.

From what I saw here, it looks like you can drive around New York and vote as many times as you wish.

The fallout has started in California over the new minimum wage proposal. Kmart and Sears are closing stores.

All the new rules the Fed is implementing on banks is going to make it very difficult for small businesses to get loans. It will be easier for a gay couple to adopt a child than for a business to get a loan. Hide and watch!

Here are some examples of the downside to government interference in who can use your restroom.

It’s no longer call Gender Identity Disorder, but Gender Dysphoria. The reason for the name change is that it’s no longer considered a mental illness. Treatment no longer consists of treating it as a disorder, but the symptoms that manifest: stress, anxiety and/or depression.

It can start at a very early age


el chupacabra said...

Between my employer and I 1000s of dollars a year are spent on my monthly insurance payments. The last visit to my doc with my copay and MY part of the lab bill was 200 dollars. I cannot afford any further follow-up. The same plan just a few a few years ago and a similar visit would have cost me 25 bucks.

Again- 1000s of dollars a year in payments and I cannot afford to go to the doctor.


The Donald said...

This is so true. While I've never been one to go frequently to the doctor, I have found in recent years that I tend to self-ration my doc visits. Partly because my family for whom I am responsible doesn't share my economy of medical service philosophy, and I foot the uncovered portions of their visits, which leaves a not insignificant dent in the wallet.

I certainly don't see the situation improving in the future.

There is a manager where I work now who is in desperate need of back surgery to repair/fuse some verts. Despite being a large multinational corp with well north of a quarter million employees (and presumably being able to negotiate the best healthcare rates/plans available), the insurance plan is jacking him around sending delaying approving what is seemingly a fairly routine procedure. Maybe they're underwritten by different carriers, but it seems myopic to delay his procedure, risking a more serious injury in the interim, which would result in a more complicated surgery or a disability payout.

I remember back in the mid-'90s when HC costs began to rise, the officers of our company were gathered at the boardroom table by the EVP and SVP and told we'd have to begin paying $25/month toward our family HC premiums (prior, officer level employees had gratis full fam bennies). Of course, we wailed and gnashed teeth, believing the apocalypse was nigh.

Quoting A&E [Bunker], "...those were the days!"