Friday, March 11, 2016

News Flash!

Stop the presses. This is gonna rock.

Sky News Agency obtained documentation identifying as many as 22,000 ISIS jihadists in 51 different countries, including the US and Canada. You should expect the mainstream media to downplay this until the SHTF.

I can’t wait for them to publish the list of names and addresses. Of course, they have ample time to duck, cover and hide now that they know they have been outed. I expect a surge of arrests, detainments and violent behavior. 

Inteligence agencies (oxymoron) will be very, very busy.


Anonymous said...

Who finances ISIS? Where do they get their money? Who administers their organization? When Kerry, McCain, and other so-called US leaders meet with ISIS, who represents ISIS? Is Obama a muslim or is ISIS a creation of the globalists? FOLLOW THE MONEY!!!!!

Our leaders are corrupt. Our nation is corrupt.

Anonymous said...

Who finances ISIS? Follow the money. We are at war with ourselves!

Anonymous said...

Globalists invented and finance ISIS because the world needs a boogeyman to be rescued from.

Anonymous said...

Why more people can't see this is astounding. They created ISIS with US tax dollars..